Clarks Fork Stanislaus River – Fishout (Stanislaus Fly Fishing Club) – UPDATED 6/11 –

by Tom Hogye - Fishmaster (831) 214 7578

Jun 14 - Jun 16  12:00 AM

The Stanislaus Fly Fishing Club have invited us to join their June Fishout on the Clarks Fork of the Stanislaus River.

(Membership with the Stanislaus Fly Fishing Club is not required)

This is a great opportunity to explore some new waters and meet new people.

UPDATE 6/11 – From the Fishmaster – Gus Link (Stanislaus Fly Fishing Club)

June 14th-16th (Friday-Sunday)

Clarks Fork Campground ( ) Water available, no power
Sand Flat Campground ( ) No water available, no power
Fence Creek Campground – Fish Masters Camp Site ( ) Water available, no power
Campground Notes:
No reservations accepted, first come, first serve. Cash only for fee payment
Restroom facilities are vault toilets.
General plan:
I plan to go up and get a site on Thursday evening (June 13). Fence Creek if open, Sand Flat if
not. If you want me to save a site, let me know.
Phone service has improved in the area, hopefully I can post an update when I get up there.
Hopefully we can fish the Clarks Fork and the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus. If not, we can fish
stillwater at either Pinecrest or Beardsley. Or, if you are really adventurous, Donnell Reservoir.
I plan on dinner Saturday evening, I will cook, probably beef stew, cornbread and cobbler.
BYOB and anything else you would like to eat.
All other meals will be on the individual.
If you want to participate, please let me know.

Gus Link

Phone: 209-864-1121

Gear and Flies:
If fishing the rivers:
This is great trout water! Mayfly, caddis, stoneflies, midges for aquatics, ants, bees, hoppers for
For dries: Parachute Adams and variants, caddis imitations in 12-18. Specific mayfly patterns work also,
again in the sizes listed. Terrestrials in the same sizes, ants are my go-to at this time of the year.
For nymphs/wet flies: If I am nymping, I typically run a 2 fly with indicator rig. Large weighted stonefly
pattern with a small 16-18 bead head nymph as a trailer. Ribbed hares ear, prince nymph, pheasant tail
and zebra midges are all effective patterns
These rivers can definitely be fished with a 9 ft rod, but shorter and lighter weight is preferable. I use a 8’
or 8 ½” foot 4 wt glass rod. A 3 wt is OK, I prefer the 4 wt if nymphing is going to happen.
If fishing the lakes:
Mainly nymphs in above sizes, again with an indicator.
PInecrest is best fished from a flotation device, though shore fishing can be productive.
I have never fished Beardsley, I imagine the same set up as above.

Information from their Newsletter.

June 14th-16th, is a weekend outing to Clark Fork with an option for Beardsley Afterbay. This can also be a one-day trip for those who can’t make the whole weekend.  Trailer access available, and Stillwater opportunities for those with kayaks, drift boats, or float tubes.  Casual trip to finish and have fun.

General Information: 


Clark Fork Campground –

(This location is for general information only not the planned meeting spot)

Fishing –

Clark Fork of the Stanislaus River - YouTube

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