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November 2023 Table of Contents

General Meeting……………………
   Conway Bowman ~ Fly Fishing for Mako Sharks
November Raffle……………………
President’s Line……………………
Fly Tying……………………
 November Class: Wiggle Worm
 Fly of the Month: Tiger & Zebra Midges
Conservation Concerns……………
 SCFF Supports Organizations That Make a Difference
Membership Notes…………………
 Club Activities – November
 2024 membership renewals
 2024 Annual Dinner & Fundraiser
Fishout Schedule…………………
Gone Fishing…………………
 Last Surf Fishout of 2023
 Thoughts on Mammoth
Cartoon ……………………
 Solution to last month’s puzzle

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Conway Bowman ~ Fly Fishing for Mako Sharks

Nov 01 6:30 PM at the Aptos Grange

Zoom link:

Conway X Bowman is a USCG-licensed captain who pioneered fly fishing for Mako sharks over 27 years ago. has fly fished and guided around the globe from the jungles of Thailand to the remote lakes and rivers of Alaska.

Conway is regarded as one of the top fly fishing guides and anglers in the world. His pioneering of not only Mako sharks on the fly, but also West Coast saltwater fly fishing has been featured in many books, and he is the author of The Orvis Guide to Saltwater Fly fishing: 101 tips for the Absolute Beginner. Conway resides in the coastal town of Encinitas, California, with his marine biologist wife, Michelle, and their boys Maximillian and Jackson.

Conway will be joining the club virtually to speak about fly fishing for Mako Sharks just off the coast of San Diego.

Monthly Speaker Date Excerpt
Nov 01 November's Virtual Speaker ~ Conway Bowman ~ Fly Fishing for Mako Sharks
Lance Gray - GuideDec 06 Lance Gray - Guide
Jan 03 Club Meeting

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November Raffle

Rods/Reels:  We will be giving away TWO! Rod/reel packages to our lucky ticket holders.  Both packages are V-Access SK carbon 9 ft 4 section rods, choice of either 7wt or 5wt.

Net:  Take a look at this long handle, long oval laminated wooden landing net. Nearly 3 feet in length, this net, with a clear fish friendly vinyl basket.

Fish Whistle:  The Fish Whistle is the perfect addition to any trip that succeeds greater than all expectations or for that occasional adventure that does not turn out quite so well.

Raffle tickets are a dollar each, $20 bucks gets you 25. Click on the following link to purchase your lucky tickets.

The online ticket sales office will close at noon on Wednesday the day of the meeting. The drawing will take place at the monthly meeting (11/1/23) held at the Aptos Grange. Club membership not required to participate, need not be present to win.

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Giving Thanks

Thankful that:

  • we live in a place where we can fly fish twelve months a year.
  • club members are willing to volunteer for local conservation projects.
  • we belong to a fishing club that is filled with friendly people.
  • club members have shared their fishing spots with me on local streams, the Firehole in Yellowstone NP, secret ponds in Wyoming, Fall River, and tarpon fishing in Florida.
  • we have a dynamic club board dedicated to making the experience better for all club members.
  • expert volunteers spend time teaching fly tying and fly casting every month.
  • fishout masters are willing to set up trips for club members.


  • I finally caught a striper off the beach.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Scott Kitayama

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November Fly Tying Class: Wiggle Worm

Nov 08 6:30 PM @ Aptos Grange

Wiggle Worm - November Fly Tying Class

Our fly this month was originated by Jay Fair many years ago, and he’s considered one of the best stillwater fly fisherman there has been in Northern California. He passed away a number of years ago, but his flies and the materials that he developed are sought after even today.  This is an easy fly to tie and is thought to be one of the most effective lake and pond fly patterns around. As always, the class is free and materials provided. If you have a black, six ought thread, please bring it, some will be available for beginners. You beginners ought to plan on attending this class, and tools and vises are available for you to use. Kathy Powers will be conducting the class this month. She is one of the most skilled fly tires we have in the club and loves to share her knowledge and skills with others. Signing up for the class, which is needed, can be done at the November club meeting or by calling Kathy at 831-316-2451 or myself, Elaine, at 831-234-6515 and no latter than 24 hours before the class.

Future tying classes. Dates and subject may change, please go to Fly Name to see more information.

Date Fly Excerpt
Trout Nugget - December Fly Tying ClassDec 13 6:30 pm - 8:30 pmTrout Nugget - December Fly Tying Class

All club members are welcome!

Trout Nugget - January Fly Tying ClassJan 10 6:30 pm - 8:30 pmTrout Nugget - January Fly Tying Class

All club members are welcome!

The Booby Fly - feb 24Feb 14 6:30 pm - 8:30 pmThe Booby Fly - feb 24

This fly originated in England, and became extremely popular until they outlawed because it was too successful. It is now becoming very popular in the states, and having the same results including at Pyramid Lake. We will be having a club fish out there in early April so be sure and bring a few of these flies with you. It’s tied in a variety of ways and we will be tying one that was particularly successful at Pyramid this last year. For those of you who are new to our club, the classes are always free with materials provided.For people who are new to fly tying, tools, vices, and thread are made available. For those who have thread bring white flat waxed nylon or similar. Our annual fundraiser of Salmon and big ralffle on the 3rd of February is taking the place of our club meeting so you will need to sign up by calling or emailing me. 831-234-6515,

MARCH FLY TYING CLASS: We will be doing our annual popper class and space is limited. It will be held the weekend of March 16 and 17th at my home. Two days are required, each about four hours, due to drying of paints and epoxies.  No particular fly tying skill is needed for this class.  If you wish to attend this class, you can sign up now to assure your place. Do call if you have questions.



March Poppers Class! -2024Mar 16 - Mar 17 10:00 am - 3:00 pmMarch Poppers Class! -2024

It’s time to get ready for the bass and bluegill season with some of these top water creations. This is a two day class that is a very artsy crafty and beginners should feel comfortable in attending. All the materials will be provided including the thread. Vises and tools will be available for beginners. There is limited space, so only sign up if you are committed to attend and do so no later than March 11. You can sign up at the club meeting or by calling me at 831-234-6515

AP nymphApr 10 6:30 pm - 8:30 pmAP nymph

Looking ahead we will be tying a nymph that has been around for a long long time. It’s a great fly for beginners.

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Tiger and Zebra Midges

by Elaine, Cook - fly tying Chairman

Midges are the most abundant food for trout. During the winter, it is their main source of food. They come in a great variety of sizes and colors. This pattern simulate the midge pupa stage, therefore is fish subsurface. The bead usually represents the air bubble that brings them to the surface to hatch out. These two particular patterns are very commonly used and are very effective. Their size has nothing to do with the size fish they catch.
HOOK: TMC 2457 or similar scud hook   Sizes 16-22
Crimp barb.
BEAD: silver for zebra midge, gold for tiger midge.     Use size chart online for comparison of hook size to bed size.
Feed bead onto hook, small opening first.
THREAD: black 6/0, 8/0 or 12/0 depending on size of hook.
Attach behind bead. Touching wraps to part way around bend of hook (see picture). Wrap back to bead.
RIB: silver for zebra midge, gold for tiger midge.     Size medium, small, or fine, depending on size of hook.
Place on near side of hook shank, wrap in place back to rear thread wraps. make two thread wraps behind rib.
BODY: thread as above
At this point in going forward, spin bobbin counter clockwise to make thread lie flat. Wrap forward, beginning in front of wire up to bead with touching wraps. Wrap thread backward 3/4 of shank then forward to bead again. Then halfway back, then 1/4 back leaving thread, hanging behind bead.
RIB (continued) spiral wrap forward in about five wraps,  each getting slightly further apart than the last. Tie off with several wraps behind wire and several in front of wire then one behind wire and one in front of wire. Twist wire in awinterhelicopter type motion to cut. Never use good scissors.
FINISH: make multiple thread wraps behind bead and covering tied off wire rib. Whip finish. Cut thread. Apply glue. Coat body with UV resin, or glue, or sally Hansen hard as nails.

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SCFF Supports Organizations That Make a Difference

by Bob Garbarino

Two conservation organizations our club supports with annual donations—Alameda Creek Alliance and Caltrout—are working on a project to increase the habitat for Chinook salmon and steelhead on Alameda Creek. The goal of this project is to provide fish access to an additional 20 miles of the Alameda Creek watershed, into and above Sunol Regional Park. The obstacle to be addressed is a protective concrete pad over a main PG&E gas pipeline near the 680 freeway in Sunol Valley. The concrete crosses Alameda Creek at a level that blocks fish passage except during high streamflow events. The plan is to lower the pipeline 17 feet below the stream bed. Caltrout will be providing their resources to spearhead the project, and will lead stream monitoring after the obstacle is removed. This work builds on many projects on Alameda Creek over the years that resulted in Chinook salmon and steelhead being able to swim up into Niles Canyon in 2022—the first time in 50 years. Thank you SCFF club members for your support that enables us to pass along our success to organizations like Alameda Creek Alliance and Caltrout. To learn more about this, go to:

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Club Activities – November

Date Activity Link DescriptionLocation
Nov 18 9:30 am - 3:00 pmVolunteer With Trout Unlimited at Little Arthur Creek

SCFF volunteers will be helping Trout Unlimited remove a barrier to steelhead spawning habitat on Little Arthur Creek in the Pajaro River watershed.  We currently have enough volunteers planning to help, but cancellations are possible.  Contact Bob Garbarino if you are interested. or 831-247-2045

Nov 18 1:30 pm - 3:00 pmFly Casting Meetup

Bring your lawn chair, lunch, and fly rod to practice casting with other SCFF club members.

Jade Street Park baseball field
Nov 19 9:00 am - 12:00 pmVolunteer for Salinas River Cleanup, Sunday November 19th.

Join the Salinas Valley Fly Fishers for the annual clean up of the Salinas River fishing access. The event will be on Sunday November 19th starting at 9:00 am.  Greg Smith is the Salinas Valley Fly Fishers representative for this event.  Wear clothing for the weather of that day and if you can, bring gloves and a three prong hoe, as it’s the best tool.


  • Go South on Highway 1 towards Monterey
  • Follow CA-1 S to Molera Rd. Take exit 414 from CA-1 S and take Nashua Rd over the highway
  • Take the first right on Monte Road 1.6 miles to your destination.   This is a dirt parking lot on the left side of the road before the twin bridges.


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2024 SCFF dues RENEWALcan be done now

by Bob Peterson

Next years dues for 2024 can be paid online now @  25% of our 225 members have already renewed online and the response has exceeded last year with online renewals.

Dues can also be paid @ the Nov and Dec meetings and by check mailed to SCFF, PO Box 2008, Santa Cruz, Cal 95063


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2024 Annual Dinner and Fundraiser



 with  HORS D’OEUVRES  to spur your appetite


5:00 – 9:00 pm

followed by




ANNUAL. FUND  RAISER  COORDINATOR:  DAVID  SOUTH    (831)713-5866   (831)234-0196

DINNER TICKETS:   Are $40 and have already sold out..

VOLUNTEERS: Many long-term club members say that the best part of our event is the time volunteering, and working with others to put the whole event together. Contact Elaine Cook at (831)231-6515 or (831)-251-4741, or (no text please) to find out how you can best help.

DONATIONS: Our club would be grateful for donations to be used as raffle prizes at our annual fundraiser. Examples: flies you have tied, other handcrafted items, business services, personal services such as fly-tying lessons, casting lessons, etc. If you have such a contribution, please contact our annual raffle coordinator Rick Chace, at (831)234-9200.

RAFFLE TICKETS: Can be purchased online when buying your dinner ticket (which will be issued at the door),or at our event. Two door prizes of 50 raffle tickets will be awarded, which should increase your chances of winning.  There will be silent auction items as well.

ABOUT THE ROD AND GUN CLUB: it’s located in a rural setting overlooking Kelley lake. The parking lot is gravel so not a problem if it’s raining. Their insurance doesn’t permit us to bring alcohol. However, there is a cash bar where drinks and sodas can be purchased.


Ticket purchasers :    (as of Jan 25, 1:00 pm)

  • R. Arola (2)
  • G. Badger (2)
  • Y. Bernabe (1)
  • S. Bishop (2) *
  • J. Bohn (1)
  • R. Bruce (1)
  • B. Burt (1)
  • T. Carson (1)
  • R. Chace (2)
  • B. Ciapponi (1)
  • M. Converse (2)
  • E. Cook (1)
  • J. Cook (2)
  • S . Coplan (2)
  • G. Cumming (1) *
  • M. de Guzman (1)
  • M. Diciano (4)
  • J. Doe (2) *
  • M. Duckworth (2)
  • D. Eaton (2) *
  • J. Eichhorn (1)
  • K. Escobar (2)
  • R. Ethington (2) *
  • F. Farias (2)
  • G. Foy (2)
  • A. Frankl (1)
  • R. Garbarino (1)
  • J. Goyert (1)
  • L. Hardesty (2)
  • M. Hermansky (1) *
  • Cody Hill (3)
  • Mason Hill (1)
  • T. Hogye (2)
  • R. Holombo (2)
  • W. Hopkins (2)
  • J. Hopkins (2)
  • R. Hughett (2)
  • J. Ice (1)
  • M. Imlay (8)
  • D. Kamradt (2)
  • B. Kemp (1) *
  • M. Kemp (1)
  • S. Kitayama (2)
  • G. Lee (1)
  • T. Loomis (1)
  • M. Lovejoy (2)
  • D. Marks (1)
  • K. McClish (2)
  • M. Mcgibben (1)
  • Jerry Mckeon (1)
  • C. McVeight (1)
  • J. Mello III (2)
  • K. Morrison (2) *
  • G. Muir (5)
  • K. Murdock (5) *
  • W. Murphy (1) *
  • A. Muzzio (3)
  • A. Pavot (2)
  • T. Pelikan (2)
  • B. Peterson (1)
  • H. Petrakis (4)
  • M. Phinn (2)
  • P. Purtscher (1)
  • K. Powers (3)
  • A. Presser (2)
  • R. Ransdall (1) *
  • R. Reed (2)
  • J. Register (2)
  • P. Reis (2)
  • J. Rosendale (1)
  • B. Scott (1)
  • B. Seaman (1)
  • C. Severs (2)
  • M. Sherwood (2)
  • P Shields (2)
  • D. South (2)
  • C. Stipes (1)
  • P. Swarzenski (1)
  • W. Taguinod (3)
  • R. Thompson (5)
  • M. Twisselman (2)
  • J. Tolonen (1)
  • M. Traugott (1)
  • T. Umstead (1)
  • M. White (1)
  • D. Witmer (2)
  • L Yien (1)


Asterisk means that the person paid by cash or check.  Did not purchase through website.

Loading Map....

Pajaro Valley Rod & Gun club is located 14 miles south of the Aptos Grange.

Pajaro Valley Rod and Gun Club

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Fishout Schedule – November

The newsletter provides brief fishout info.  For full detail, go to the website menu and select EVENTS -> Fishout Schedule

2023 Fishout Round-Up Dec 01 - Dec 02FISH Club Members
Upper Sacramento River Fishout (Dunsmuir) Date Postponed High Water Mar 15 - Mar 17Trout Alex Ferber 
Pyramid Lake Fish-out April 1 – April 7, 2024 – New Info Apr 01 - Apr 07Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Mike White - (831) 706-5556
Kelly Lake – Watsonville (bass, crappie) Apr 20Bass, crappie, bluegill Scott Kitayama
Rio Del Mar State Beach Surf Fishout May 04Surf Perch / Striped Bass Lance B.

Dec 01 : 2023 Fishout Round-Up

2023 Fishout Round-Up
(Click for address and map)
Greetings Club Members (Existing, new, soon to be),  This though not a Fishout, but rather a year in review of 2023's great events held by our members.  19 trips planned in 2023 not all the trips planned were executed due to the high waters and weather early in the season but for some of those… Read More

Mar 15 : Upper Sacramento River Fishout (Dunsmuir) Date Postponed High Water

(Click for address and map)
Fishmaster: Alex Ferber Location: Upper Sacramento River with Potential McCloud River Side Trip Species: Trout Date / Duration: POSTPONED DUE TO HIGH WATER Tentatively March 15th - 17th, 3 Days                                                   … Read More

Apr 01 : Pyramid Lake Fish-out April 1 – April 7, 2024 – New Info

Pyramid Lake (Click for address and map)
The Pyramid Lake trip is one of the best-attended fishouts the club has, and for a good reason. Lahontan Cutthroat Trout cruise parallel to the shore in easy casting distance from shore. Read More

Apr 20 : Kelly Lake – Watsonville (bass, crappie)

Kelly Lake - Watsonville (bass, crappie)
(Click for address and map)
Updated March 25th,  fish out if full. Fishmaster: Scott Kitayama Location: Kelly Lake in Watsonville (Private lake limited to 6 people) Species: bass,  crappie, bluegill Duration: 1 day Registration and Cost: No Cost, but you must contact Scott as the number of people fishing is limited.  Contact at On this Fishout, priority will be… Read More

May 04 : Rio Del Mar State Beach Surf Fishout

Rio Del Mar State Beach Surf Fishout
(Click for address and map)
First Surf Fishout of 2024! Saturday May 4th 2024 5:55AM Location: Rio Del Mar State Beach Read More

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Last Surf Fishout of the 2023

It was a lot cooler at 6 am this morning than it is now on Saturday afternoon 10/7. But the catching wasn’t so hot (that’s why no perch pictures), except for Josh Wilkens arrived earliest and who caught that impressive Bat Ray that is already pictured on our website.

We had Will Murphy, Jerry McKeon, Matt Bohn, and Tommy Polito in addition to Josh out there and it was followed by a GREAT breakfast at Mike Lovejoy’s home, where we were also joined by our President, Scott. In the future, don’t miss “Breakfast at Lovejoy’s”.

What a great club we have. Today there are members fishing up at Mammoth, fishing today at the beach and spey cast lessons going on!

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Thoughts on Mammoth

From Club Member, Brad Elliot:

If you want to have a fun and enjoyable trout fishing experience, signup for the next Mammoth Fishout. John and Elaine Cook host this wonderful experience. They have been fishing this area for many years and know all the places to go, flies to use etc. etc. This was my second year in this gorgeous area in the fall of the eastern Sierras. I am an avid float tuber and my buddy Mike Lovejoy and I enjoyed some wonderful days on the beautiful mountain lakes catching rainbows up to 20″. What fun! The food and conversation over cocktails in the evening just add to the great fishing during the day.

From Fish Master, John Cook:

Elaine and I have been doing this for many many years, more like decades, and each year we find it entirely different than the last. The variables include personalities, the weather, fishing conditions, water levels, Crowley conditions, hatches  etc. etc. etc. Even after all this time we love it and look forward to the next. And the best thing is, we always make some new friends. Hope you will be one of the anticipatory fishermen in 2024.

From Club Member, Scott Kitayama

Third year of going on the Mammoth fishing trip. My first two trips were primarily fishing lakes since the fishing was good, and the streams didn’t have much water. This year was exactly the opposite, the lakes were unfishable or I didn’t have much luck in them. However, the stream such as San Joaquin, Owens, Hot creek, McGee were all in good shape, and I had the chance to fish them with dry flies with John/Elaine Cook and Bob Garbarino . The weather was beautiful, Mammoth scenery is gorgeous, and small fish were willing to come up for flies. All in all it was a good trip and helped me learn how to be a better dry, fly fisherman.

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Solution to Puzzle in Last Month’s Fin Flutter.

by Elaine Cook – cartoonist

Do you remember your answers in last months brain teaser?
How do you think you did?
Here are the correct answers:
If you got all four correctly you get to go fishing. If not, go directly to the fly casting lessons and be taught by Tom Hogye
our Fly Casting Master!