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September 2023 Table of Contents

General Meeting……………………
   Fly Fishing Film Tour
September Raffle……………………
President’s Line……………………
Fly Tying……………………
 Sept. Class: Barry Smelt
 Fly of the Month: Blue Winged Olive
Conservation Concerns……………
 Costly Columbia River Hatchery Program—Results Disappointing
Membership Notes…………………
 Club Activities – September
Fishout Schedule…………………
Gone Fishing…………………
 Another Successful Surf Fish Outing!
Cartoon ……………………

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Fly Fishing Film Tour

Sep 06 6:00 PM at the Aptos Grange
No Zoom for September and October meetings.

The Santa Cruz Fly Fishing Club presents the Fly Fishing Film Tours 2023 film line up in a 2 part series showing at the Aptos Grange during the September and October general meetings.  We want this to be a fun and exciting event and as a way of recruiting new club members.  Please invite  friends to come and watch the movie with you.    No food and or drinks during the movie since we cannot have them in the main room of the Grange.  However, we will have time after the film to visit and snack in the side room.  We will have sodas and water for sale, if you want anything else, you need to bring it.


The 2023 show will feature locations from Cuba to Patagonia, Mexico to Australia, Alaska, Wyoming, the Deep South, Massachusetts and beyond. Experience the achievement of a permit slam, follow one man’s journey from Mexico to the waters of Wyoming, explore the best international waters and compete for the legendary belt buckle. Join us for a journey of adventure, friendship and the best fly fishing action.

The F3T is the original and largest fly fishing film event of its kind. Come for the action and stay for the giveaways and camaraderie that will feed your fishing addiction.

More info:

Future Speakers. Dates and speakers may change, please go to URL to see the current information.

Monthly Speaker Date Excerpt
Fly Fishing Film Tour - Part 2Oct 04 Fly Fishing Film Tour - Part 2

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September Raffle

Our September meeting is going to feature our big Fly  Fishing  FilmTour (F3T) so we figured we should have some special raffle prizes and door prizes. Click on the link below to visit our online store to  purchase your lucky raffle tickets!

We are going to be giving away a couple of rods and reels to a couple of our lucky winners. First we have a 10 ft. 2 wt. Euro-nymph rod, perfect for our challenging Sierra streams. The second will be a
V-Access 9 ft . 6 wt.  rod with 5/6 CNC machine cut reel. Both rods are four piece and include a cordura covered  hard tube case.

How about a load of Yeti? We start out with a 5 Gallon Yeti Load-out bucket packed with a Yeti Rambler Bottle, Yeti 750 ML Yonder, and Yeti Thin Ice block. Great quality stuff to make your next outdoor adventure totally enjoyable.

If you are heading to the great outdoors you are going to need something to stash all your goodies. We have a Simms DRY CREEK Z GEAR POUCH. It`s totally waterproof with a self-healing zipper and has clear view accessibility. Also includes a really cool Simms slate Captain`s Cap.

Raffle tickets cost a dollar each, $20 bucks gets you 25. Click on the following link to purchase your lucky raffle tickets:

The online raffle ticket sales office will close at noon on Wednesday the day of the monthly meeting (9/6/23). Club membership is not required to participate, need not be present to win. The prize  drawing will take place at the regular monthly meeting.

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Making Fall Season the Best Fishing Season

Since  my roles as a parent and at work have lightened, I welcome the upcoming fall season as a perfect time for fishing. With Sierra streams returning to their normal levels, cooler weather offering better conditions in local lakes, and a potentially lower risk of heat and fire hazards, the potential is high to turn this season into a wonderful opportunity for fly fishing. Now, how can we all maximize this experience?

Let’s Ignite the Enthusiasm!

We’ve all indulged in fly fishing videos on platforms like YouTube. While some are undeniably captivating, much like action films, they lack the immersive experience of sitting amidst an animated theater crowd, feeling the collective thrill and vitality. The memory may still linger of the Fly Fishing Film Tour’s past appearance at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz. Regrettably, the tour skipped Santa Cruz in recent years and last year, its Bay Area screenings were a no-show. Yet, Justin Ice, a dedicated SCFF Board member, took it upon himself to resurrect the film’s presence in Santa Cruz. As a result, the 2023 film will grace our September and October fly fishing meetings. The decision was made to make the screening open and free for all attendees, fostering a packed house and igniting a sense of festivity and dynamism. Anticipate fantastic door prizes and an array of appealing raffle items.

Even the mere trailers of the film have me itching to head out fishing.

Following that, let’s plan our excursions

From September onwards, I’ve marked my calendar for seven out of eight consecutive weekends for fishing. Am I boasting? Well, guilty as charged. However, the noteworthy detail is that each of these trips is a part of SCFF fishouts, and among them, four are conveniently local (Beach, Beach, Kelly Lake, Forebay). A few years ago, a survey aimed at gauging the most valuable club activities for members—such as education, guest speakers, casting workshops, fly tying sessions, and fishouts—revealed that fishouts took the lead. This year, the club has significantly ramped up the number of fishouts on offer. If you haven’t yet taken part in a club fishout, I highly encourage you to do so. It’s the simplest path to acquainting yourself with fellow club members and discovering new territories or styles of fly fishing.

Share your escapades post-trip

Whether your fishing adventure yields a Personal Best or Personal Bust, your fellow club members would greatly appreciate hearing about it. If you’ve captured an impressive shot and wish to showcase it to the world, simply forward your photo to Jerry McKeon at Alternatively, if you’ve got an anecdote or an image to share exclusively with club members, you can submit it to to feature it in the newsletter. Alternatively, dispatch it to to ensure its delivery to all club members.

My sincere hope is that you leverage the meetings, the fishouts, and the insights, camaraderie, and feedback from your fellow club members to make this fall season your most memorable one yet.

Wishing you tight lines and looking forward to meeting you soon,

Scott Kitayama

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September Fly Tying Class: Barry Smelt

Sep 13 6:30 PM @ Aptos Grange

Barry Smelt

Here we are getting ready for the Fishout in October at the forebay. Of course, the forebay can be fished anytime from now to into it November. As always, the class is free, and all materials are provided, except for the thread which will be white: flat wax nylon, Big Fly, monocord or similar. We welcome beginners and provide them with tools, thread and advice. It’s always helpful to bring magnification and a table lamp. Some lamps are always provided, but not enough to go around usually. Elaine Cook will be assisting beginners. Sign ups are important and can be done at the September club meeting or calling  Michael at 831-234-2244 or Elaine at 831-234-6515. Please allow at least 24 hours notice ahead.

Future tying classes. Dates and subject may change, please go to Fly Name to see more information.

Date Fly Excerpt
October Caddis - Fly Tying ClassOct 11 6:30 pm - 8:30 pmOctober Caddis - Fly Tying Class

All club members are welcome!

Wiggle Worm - November Fly Tying ClassNov 08 6:30 pm - 8:30 pmWiggle Worm - November Fly Tying Class

All club members are welcome!

Trout Nugget - December Fly Tying ClassDec 13 6:30 pm - 8:30 pmTrout Nugget - December Fly Tying Class

All club members are welcome!

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Blue Winged Olive

by Elaine Cook – flytying chairman

This dry fly is an absolute must for the upcoming fishout to Mammoth Lakes. Be sure to use this in the high Sierra streams, Hot Creek,, and the upper Owens. don’t hesitate to use this fly throughout the west and the north east as well. The fish in the Rockies particularly like the larger flies. This thorax fly tying style was developed around 75 years ago by Vince Marinaro for the limestone streams of the Northeast.
HOOK: TMC 10o (standard dry fly) size is 12–18.     The small flies work well in spring creeks and tail waters.
Crimp Barb.
THREAD: Olive 8/0.
Attach thread, mid shank, and leave hanging 1/3 back from eye.
WING: light, gray, turkey flat.
Select a bunch of turkey, flat, barbs, lining up tips and cutting from stem. Measure turkey flat barbs  equal in length to hook shank and tie and on top of shank with Tips extending beyond eye.  Cut bar butts off at an angle. Stand wing upright, making several wraps as a dam to hold barbs vertical. Return thread to cut Barb butts.
TAIL: light dun hackle fibers. (Side feather from chicken neck that has stiffer barbs).
Select 10–12 hackle barbs, line up tips, tie in so tips are one hook shank length beyond the end of the shank. Last wrap under tail  to keep from bending downward. Cut, butts even with cut wing butts.
BODY: Olive, superfine dubbing. ( the natural insect varies in color from olive, to pale olive gray, to yellow olive green, to rusty olive).
Dub a slender body up to mid shank.
HACKLE: light dun neck, or saddle
Select hackle with barbs 1 1/2 hook gap long. Remove any fuzz at butt end, stroke barbs against grain at butt end. Cut several barbs short off each side of butt end. Lay that section on side of shank, tip to rear and tie in place. dub remainder of hook to one eye length behind eye. Spiral hackle forward in three turns behind wing and three turns in front of wing. Tie off cut access. Wrap, a small thread head, whip finish, cut thread, and seal with his cement, if desired.

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Costly Columbia River Hatchery Program—Results Disappointing

by Bob Garbarino

In the May newsletter this year I wrote about a study that found introducing hatchery fish into streams with wild fish populations actually destabilized and reduced the wild fish population. This month I came across another article about how costly efforts to support and increase native salmon populations in the Columbia River has failed. This conclusion was based on a report published by an economics professor at Oregon State University and a biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Washington. They analyzed data collected over 50 years with counts of native and hatchery salmon and steelhead return runs at Bonneville Dam. The data indicated hatchery fish numbers had increased slightly, while wild salmon and steelhead populations had not. In fact, the introduction of hatchery fish have in some cases been found to have a harmful effect on the wild population. They also reported that over the last four decades, about $9 billion have been spent by federal and state agencies to run and maintain about 200 salmon hatchery programs in the Columbia River Basin.
While overfishing and the construction of 14 dams are the primary contributors to the declining numbers, others are farming pollution and diversion of water for irrigation, climate change, as well as habitat loss from logging and mining. An average of 1.5 million salmon and steelhead have run up the Columbia over the last decade—far short of the goal of 5 million by 2025. State of Oregon officials are moving forward with a third-party investigation of the hatchery operations, including the cost vs benefits. The Conservation Angler, an organization that focuses on protection of wild Pacific anadromous fish populations throughout the Northwest, is active in reforming hatchery practices including those on the Columbia/Snake River basin. This is another example of an angling group getting involved in conservation.
For more information about this subject got to:

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Club Activities – September

Date Activity Link DescriptionLocation
Sep 06 6:00 pm - 9:00 pmFly Fishing Film Tour 2023

The 17th annual FLY FISHING FILM TOUR (F3T) The 2023 show will feature locations from Cuba to Patagonia, Mexico to Australia, Alaska, Wyoming, the Deep South, Massachusetts and beyond. Experience the achievement of a permit slam, follow one man’s journey from Mexico to the waters of Wyoming, explore the best international waters and compete for the legendary belt buckle. Join us for a journey of adventure, friendship and the best fly fishing action.

The F3T is the original and largest fly fishing film event of its kind. Come for the action and stay for the giveaways and camaraderie that will feed your fishing addiction.

Aptos Grange
Sep 23 2:00 pm - 3:00 pmFly Casting Meetup

Bring your lawn chair, lunch, and fly rod to practice casting with other SCFF club members.

Jade Street Park baseball field
Oct 21 7:30 am - 11:00 amClinic for Forebay beginners - Oct. 21st

Going to have a clinic for club members who have fished from a float tube before, but have not fished the Forebay for Stripers. To get in the class, you MUST contact Class will be limited to about 10 people and I am also inviting some people from the Salinas Valley fish club.
-Click the title link to read more-

Oct 28 2:00 pm - 3:00 pmFly Casting Meetup

Bring your lawn chair, lunch, and fly rod to practice casting with other SCFF club members.

Jade Street Park baseball field
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Fishout Schedule – September

The newsletter provides brief fishout info.  For full detail, go to the website menu and select EVENTS -> Fishout Schedule

Manresa State Beach Surf Fishout Sep 02Surf Perch / Striped Bass To Be Determined
Upper Sacramento River Fishout (Dunsmuir) Sep 08 - Sep 10Trout Alex Ferber 
Mammoth Fishout – UPDATED – Sep 23 - Oct 07Trouts John Cook
October surf fishout – Beer Can Oct 07perch, stripers Sam Bishop - Fishing; Mike Lovejoy - Breakfast
Kelly Lake – Watsonville (bass, crappie) – CONFIRMED Oct 14 Oct 14Bass, crappie, bluegill Scott Kitayama
O’Neill Forebay ‘Stosh’ Memorial Fishout Oct 19 - Oct 22Striped Bass Kevin Murdock
Pyramid Lake Fish-out April 1 – April 7, 2024 – New Info Apr 01 - Apr 07Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Mike White - (831) 706-5556

Sep 02 : Manresa State Beach Surf Fishout

(Click for address and map)
Fishmaster: To Be Determined
Location: Manresa State Beach  Species: Surf Perch, Striped Bass  Min./Max Participants: NO Limit Cali Surf Style Gear: 6-8wt. Rods with full sinking lines or shooting heads to match the rod. Polarized glasses (safety), Mandatory Accessories: Wader Belt & Stripping Basket (If a basket is needed, some maybe available to borrow or purchase. Please contact the Fishmaster ahead of… Read More

Sep 08 : Upper Sacramento River Fishout (Dunsmuir)

(Click for address and map)
Fishmaster: Alex Ferber 
Fishmaster: Alex Ferber Location: Upper Sacramento River with Potential McCloud River Side Trip Species: Trout Duration: 3 Days Cost: No Cost Equipment: Typical Trout Set Up 9', 4-6wt Rods w/ Floating Lines Ideal Euro Nymphing, and Trout Spey conditions available Nymphs: Pheasant Tail, Hairs Ear, Prince Nymph, Wooly Buggers, Perdigon, Copper Johns, Zebra Midge,… Read More

Sep 23 : Mammoth Fishout – UPDATED –
Mammoth Fishout - UPDATED -
Mammoth Lakes (Click for address and map)
Fishmaster: John Cook
UPDATE Both weeks of this Fishout has been filled. I am maintaining a waiting list. There are three people on the list currently. If I get enough I will think about getting another condo. Please email or contact me directly for inquires.  John & Elain Cook - Fishmaster (831) 234-6515 Dates:  This Fishout will… Read More

Oct 07 : October surf fishout – Beer Can
October surf fishout - Beer Can
Beer Can Beach (Click for address and map)
Fishmaster: Sam Bishop - Fishing; Mike Lovejoy - Breakfast
Surf fish-out Saturday October 7, followed by breakfast at Mike Lovejoy's. Important location information and breakfast information Read More

Oct 14 : Kelly Lake – Watsonville (bass, crappie) – CONFIRMED Oct 14

(Click for address and map)
Fishmaster: Scott Kitayama
Fishmaster: Scott Kitayama Location: Kelly Lake in Watsonville (Private lake limited to 10 people) Species: bass,  crappie, bluegill Duration: 1 day Registration and Cost: No Cost, but you must contact Scott as the number of people fishing is limited.  Contact at I am waiting on confirmation on this date, however I wanted to gauge… Read More

Oct 19 : O’Neill Forebay ‘Stosh’ Memorial Fishout

(Click for address and map)
Fishmaster: Kevin Murdock
Event: O'Neill Forebay 'Stosh' Memorial Fishout Date: Thursday October 19 to Sunday October 22 (I chose this weekend for it's 'skinny' moon, less night feeding for the fish) Target Gamefish: Striped Bass Location: Medeiros Campground located on the Southern Shoreline of the O'Neill Forebay, access off of Santa Nella Blvd. (Highway 33) Hosts: Kevin Murdock … Read More

Apr 01 : Pyramid Lake Fish-out April 1 – April 7, 2024 – New Info

Pyramid Lake (Click for address and map)
Fishmaster: Mike White - (831) 706-5556
The Pyramid Lake trip is one of the best-attended fishouts the club has, and for a good reason. Lahontan Cutthroat Trout cruise parallel to the shore in easy casting distance from shore. Read More

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Another successful Surf Fish outing!

by Sam Bishop

Saturday, August 5, 2023 was another foggy summer morning at Rio Del Mar Beach. Our surf fish-out was to start at 0600, so being the organizer and wanting to be early, I showed up at 0530. There was only one good parking spot left because so many guys showed up even earlier than me! An eager group for sure, ready to fish a minus low, slack tide as we started. As we worked our way down the beach (the fish don’t come to you, you have to keep moving to find them) we started picking up more bites as the tide began to change. Most of us picked up between 1 and 10 fish, but I know of that were “write home about it” size.

And I met a couple other people on the beach that have serious interest in our Club, so I hope we get a couple new members too!

Here is a list of those I know were there. I missed a couple who did not sign in. My apologies for spelling I couldn’t read.

Adam and Peter Althoff, Jerry McKeon, Matt Bohn, Jeff Zeische, Bob Garbarino, Pete Soderstron, Lance Boling

And Jerry McKeon has already posted pictures on Instagram.