O’Neill Forebay Fishout – New Info

by Kevin and Terry Murdock - 831-238-3037

Oct 20 - Oct 23  12:00 AM

Led by: #ATT{leader}

Think about Joey Bart, filling in as catcher for the S/F Giants after the legendary Buster Posey retired. You’ll have a sense of how I’m feeling as I try to fill Steve Rudzinski’s shoes as fish master for our annual O’Neill Forebay fishout.

Stosh was such a genial host, casting and fishing instructor, cook, fire tender and story teller. We all miss him greatly. I’ll do my best. We’ll start with a date: Thursday, October 20 th to Sunday, October 23. The location: Maderios Campground on the southern part of the O’neill Forebay. To get there, take Highway 152 (Pachecho Pass), go east on Santa Nella Blvd. and make a left at the entrance for the Madeiros Kiosk. Camping is first-come, first-served. The Campsites are $20 per night, with a $2 discount for seniors. I’ll be shooting for campsite 29 or nearby. That spot is near a perfect spot to launch our float tubes. (Have them inspected by the ranger at the Kiosk as you enter). The campsites are primitive, with fire rings, shade shelters, and picnic tables. Water is scarce so bring your own. There are very clean pit toilets.

Most club members fish with 8 weight rods and fast sinking lines. Heavy streamers are the usual ticket. Lee Haskins ties a beautiful San Louis Smelt imitation. I’ve ordered a couple of dozen to re-sell to club members. If they arrive in time we’ll be set. If not, the usual assortment of reds, white, chartreuse or grey weighted streamers or deceivers. Some club members have reported occasional top water action with gurglers.

Float tubes are the order of the day. If they have zippered compartments, they will need to be inspected for quagga mussels. Don’t forget your life preserver and a whistle. Small boats must be launched from the San Louis Creek campground and boat launch. Arrive early as there will be a line of boats being inspected. Boats may not be left on the water after nightfall. I recommend returning to the exit kiosk prior to their closing so you can have your boat tagged, thus avoiding the inspection line the following day.

Meals: I will bring a signup sheet to our next regularly scheduled club meeting, and those wishing to participate in pot luck meals can make their intentions plain. I’m hoping to have a ‘Stosh’ moment Saturday evening where we can toast our old friend and share stories. I’m bringing some firewood but don’t know if fires will be allowed due to extreme dryness.

This fishout is so close, it’s one of our easiest to join in on. Its 90 minutes from my home in Aptos to the campground. The club members are happy, nay, EAGER to share tips and tactics. You can attend just one day or the whole weekend. Los Banos is only 20 minutes away, with the famous ‘Woolgrowers’ Basque style restaurant as the main attraction.

Today was 80 degrees at the lake with light winds. Wind can sometimes shut down the lake. You can find real time wind reports at (800) 805-4805. I’m hoping to make a couple of re-con visits in the next couple of weeks. If you’re game to join, call or text me & we’ll make a date. (831) 238-3037

Tip-o-the-day: if you’re getting skunked, find Elain & John and fish within sight of them. (It’s saved more than one fishless day for me).

I’ll sign off with this admonition: you’ll regret missing this fishout if you miss it! Even a modest schoolie striper (18”) feels like a 20 lb salmon on the line.

Kevin ‘Dock’ Murdock

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