Kennedy Meadows / Sonora Pass – Fish-Out 2024

by Tom Hogye - Fishmaster (831) 214 7578

Jul 21 - Jul 25  12:00 AM

Kennedy Meadows Resort & Pack Station / Baker & Deadman campground.   If you want to stay in a cabin, you should try to get a reservation now. 

The cabins generally roll over annually with returning guests from the previous year.   The Hogye’s will be in Cabin 11.   Rates range from $115 – 260 per night depending upon the size and number of rooms/beds.   These are rustic cabins but have bathroom, shower, kitchen/kitchenettes depending on how big/small the cabin is.  Team up!

Campgrounds immediately south of KM (1/2 a mile and 1 mile) are Deadman and Baker.   They are recommended for anyone wanting to join us.   Usually about $30.00 per site/per night.  Some have a “golden pass” which is a sizable discount if you have that.  The campgrounds are very nice and are pretty much right on the river.   Mona and I have camped here for some 30 years!   Yikes.

Beside fishing, the hiking and horse pack trips are available up to the reservoir which is a couple miles and 2,500 feet of elevation gain.  KM sits at 6,300 feet in elevation.  No internet, no cell signal.   Be prepared to “disconnect” and reconnect with nature and peace of mind, completely.   The lodge has a great comfort food restaurant, store, and yes, there is a bonified Saloon.

The Upper Meadow at KM is stunning.   If you like to hike – the trails up to the Emigrant wilderness junction the PCT when you get ot 10,000 feet and Relief Reservoir is a great fishery at 8,800 feet.

The Middle-Fork of the Stanislaus River flows along highway 108   It is primarily a planted fishery with some “wild” fish.   Excellent dry fly and wet fly fishing.  Planted fish average10-12 inches, wild fish generally smaller, but pretty.  Planted fish range from 12-21 inches.

Weather is generally excellent, chilly Sierra mornings great for coffee and a book, with wet wading afternoons in the 80’s.

We will have meals together, fish together or alone, hang out by the campfire.  I just LOVE this place.

Reach Tom Hogye for any questions.

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