Rio Del Mar State Beach Surf Fishout

May 06  5:55 AM

First Surf Fishout of 2023!

Location: Rio Del Mar State Beach

Target Species: Surf Perch and Stripers

Gear: 6-8wt. Rods with full sinking lines or shooting heads to match the rod. Polarized glasses (safety),

Mandatory Accessories: Wader Belt & Stripping Basket

(If a basket is needed, some maybe available to borrow or purchase. Please contact the Fishmaster ahead of time. Also there are many DIY Stripping Basket making tutorials online)

Single, double & triple fly rigs

clousers to sand crabs

Directions: Take RDM Blvd all the way down to the flats (bottom), circle the round-about to the left and exit back along Beach Drive, drive half mile to the State Beach (aka Platform). DO NOT stop up by the round-about, be sure to continue on Beach Drive. Early in the morning the parking lot is closed, but there is plenty of parking outside.


SURF FISHOUTS 2023 Meeting Time (AM) State Beach            
2023 Date   Sunrise Low tide High tide Moon Tide flow Fishmaster
MAY 6 Saturday 5:55 Rio Del Mar 6:09 LO 05:48 -0.8 HI 12:28 PM +3.5 Full May 5 Low slack to low Flood Sam
JUNE 3 Saturday 5:35 Manresa 5:49 LO 04:52 -1.0 HI 11:42 +3.4 Full June 4 Low mid-flood ??
JULY 1 Saturday 5:35 Palm 5:51 LO 03:53 -0.8 HI 10:50 +3.4 Full July 3 Mid-flood Sam
AUGUST 5 Saturday 6:00 Rio Del Mar 6:16 LO 07:48 -0.1 HI 2:29 PM +4.9 New Aug 16 Mid-flood Sam
SEPT 2 Saturday 6:25 Manresa 6:39 LO 06:30 +0.3 HI 12:52 PM +5.3 Full Aug 31 Low slack to low Flood Sam
OCT 7 Saturday 6:50 Palm 7:08 LO 13:17 + 3.3 HI 07:55 AM +4.0 Full Sep 29 High flood to slack Sam
Meet up times are scheduled 15 – 20 minutes before official sunrise., 831-274-4025
Locations/dates/times/Fishmasters might change, but note will go out early on Google group if so.



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