Palm Beach

by Sam Bishop -

Jun 04  5:30 AM

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Our Santa Cruz Fly Fishing Club will be joined by the Salinas Fly Casters for our June 4 surf fishing outing. I am optimistic that we will have several experienced folks there to welcome the Salinas members and give advice and support to anyone who may not have fished the surf with a fly rod. For those interested, we’ll have a short “talk about it” session in the parking lot and another up on the dunes overlooking the beach to point out how to read the water.

Why start so early, 05:30 am? Well, the days now are really long and best results are to start early, before daybreak to be on the beach before lots of other people are there fishing and walking their dogs, so we traditionally start a bit before official sunrise. On that Saturday morning we’ll be fishing a high slack tide at first, moving to an ebb tide.

Everyone is welcome. If new, please read the article here Santa Cruz Fly Fishing under the dropdown link “Knowledge”. Then call or email me if you have questions. Lots of us are experienced and will help, just ask.

If you are a very beginner caster you will be frustrated, so do your time on a schoolyard first. Casting the surf with a heavier weight rod and sinking line is way different than a 5 weight rod and floating line you learn with.

Take West Beach Drive out of Watsonville all the way to the State Beach. The parking lot will not be open, so park outside. I will have a few stripping baskets (a stripping basket is mandatory) for loan or purchase (20 bucks to our Club) and I will have a batch of basic, but effective flies for anyone that wants some. Please try to be rigged and ready soon after arriving, maybe string your rod up at home the night before? I even put my waders on at home.

Sam Bishop 831-274-4024, (no need to RSVP, just show up)


Saturday, June 4, 2022:  Palm Beach: Meet 0530:  Official sunrise 0548:  

Tide: High 06:42 +3.4, Low 10:30

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