‘Review and Advanced’ Casting

by Mark Trougott - Casting Intructor

Sep 22  10:00 AM

Beginning in September, my intention is to continue to devote the first half of the two-hour session to touching up novice casters’ mastery of the roll cast and PULD; and to orient the second hour to more advanced techniques appropriate for SCFF members who are experienced casters. Examples of this last sort of topic might include presentation casts (reach mends and curve casts that present the fly without spooking the fish); slipping line and hauling (single and double); or loop control (how and why to throw wide and narrow loops). If
you have a specific topic in mind, please let me know by mid-August so I can incorporate the most frequently requested techniques into a lesson plan for the second hour of the September session.

The riverside site can comfortably accommodate up to six casters. In order to prevent any chance of overcrowding, I will maintain a sign-up list for future classes. If you would like to participate, send me an email at traugott@ucsc.edu, or call and leave a message at (831) 338-6056. I will send an email message providing all necessary details to those who sign up.

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