Manresa State Beach Surf Fishout

Jun 03  5:30 AM

Location: Manresa State Beach

 Species: Surf Perch, Striped Bass

 Min./Max Participants: NO Limit Cali Surf Style

Gear: 6-8wt. Rods with full sinking lines or shooting heads to match the rod. Polarized glasses (safety),

Mandatory Accessories: Wader Belt & Stripping Basket

(If a basket is needed, some maybe available to borrow or purchase. Please contact the Fishmaster ahead of time. Also there are many DIY Stripping Basket making tutorials online)

Flies: Clousers, wooly buggers, sand crabs, etc.

Surf Flies

What to Expect: Tide and weather dependent, but expect good times.

SURF FISHOUTS 2023 Meeting Time (AM) State Beach            
2023 Date   Sunrise Low tide High tide Moon Tide flow Fishmaster
MAY 6 Saturday 5:55 Rio Del Mar 6:09 LO 05:48 -0.8 HI 12:28 PM +3.5 Full May 5 Low slack to low Flood Sam
JUNE 3 Saturday 5:35 Manresa 5:49 LO 04:52 -1.0 HI 11:42 +3.4 Full June 4 Low mid-flood ??
JULY 1 Saturday 5:35 Palm 5:51 LO 03:53 -0.8 HI 10:50 +3.4 Full July 3 Mid-flood Sam
AUGUST 5 Saturday 6:00 Rio Del Mar 6:16 LO 07:48 -0.1 HI 2:29 PM +4.9 New Aug 16 Mid-flood Sam
SEPT 2 Saturday 6:25 Manresa 6:39 LO 06:30 +0.3 HI 12:52 PM +5.3 Full Aug 31 Low slack to low Flood Sam
OCT 7 Saturday 6:50 Palm 7:08 LO 13:17 + 3.3 HI 07:55 AM +4.0 Full Sep 29 High flood to slack Sam
Meet up times are scheduled 15 – 20 minutes before official sunrise., 831-274-4025
Locations/dates/times/Fishmasters might change, but note will go out early on Google group if so.


You may want to use a two fly rig, one smaller for perch and a larger one
for Stripers. When I add flies I often need to use lighter weight
ones than I might with one fly. For example, dumbbell eyes are
heavy, so I tie most Clousers and jig flies using bead-chain or even plastic eyes, knowing I will very likely be
using 2 or 3, so need them to be light enough to cast.
A reminder that the surf is not a place to learn to cast, but it will force you to improve your line control!

Belts are not mandatory but a good idea if you get swept off your feet. Baskets are also not mandatory but darn near.

Cost: Parking? & maybe some lost flies…and the fish of a life time

Meeting Location: In front Manresa Beach Parking Lot on San Andreas Rd.

San Andreas Rd. Lot has limited parking as the beach lot does not open until 8am

Special Considerations / Links: Tides, Wind, Swell,

 Lodging / Food: Coffee and donuts at the local hang out

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