Dec 08  6:30 PM

As caddis emerge from their nymphal stage, and just before they are ready to take flight, they are on the surface with wings up and ready, but are still attached to their nymphal shuck. Consequent they aren’t able to fly away yet and makes them very vulnerable to the trout. This fly mimics this stage. The “Fly of the Month” article this month will be directions for how to use a Matarelli tool. Knowing how to use it will help you tie off this fly. For our free Zoom class, call me at (831)688-1561 at least a couple days ahead to allow time for packets of material to be assembled and you to pick up at my door. Thread will be 8/0 tan or olive or both. Let me know if you need to borrow some. Beginners can also borrow vise and tools. If you have never tied before, call me soon. To join the class go to bar at top of newsletter and tap Zoom, then tap fly tying class.

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