2023 Fishout Round-Up

Dec 01 - Dec 02  12:00 AM

Greetings Club Members (Existing, new, soon to be), 

This though not a Fishout, but rather a year in review of 2023’s great events held by our members. 

19 trips planned in 2023 not all the trips planned were executed due to the high waters and weather early in the season but for some of those trips that had to be canceled have already been rescheduled and others were made up for with other trips not mentioned here but rather organized on our google groups email exchange. 

First and foremost I want to thank all the members who organized hosted and volunteered to make these Fishouts available to the club! 

These Fishouts have always been a great way to introduce new members and anglers to our great club and sport. Here is where we make some of our best connections with each other. 

Stay tuned as the 2024 season is right around the corner and I hope we can duplicate and expand all the great Fishouts!

If you have any interest in hosting a future Fishout or have any ideas on new areas for us to explore please reach out directly to me. 

Justin Ice 


2023 Santa Cruz Fly Fishing Club Fishout Round Up

March – Pyramid Lake, NV – Mike White 

April – Bourdet Ranch, Hollister CA – Cecilia Stipes

April – Lake Del Valle, Livermore, CA – Justin Ice

April – Los Padres Dam, Carmel Valley, CA – 

April – Yuba River, Brownsville, CA – Justin Ice

May – Rio Del Mar Beach, Rio Del Mar, CA – Sam Bishop

May – Los Banos Creek Reservoir

June – Manresa State Beach, Watsonville  

June – Lake Almanor Hex Hatch,  Plumas County, CA – Jeff (Yog) Goyert 

July – Palm Beach, Watsonville

July – Loreto, Mexico –  Rich Hughett

July – Kennedy Meadows / Sonora Pass – Tom Hogye

August – Rio Del Mar State Beach, Rio Del Mar, CA – Sam Bishop

September – Manresa State Beach, Watsonville 

September – Upper Sacramento River, Dunsmuir, CA – Alex Ferber

September / October – Mammoth Lakes, CA – John & Elaine Cook

October – Beer Can Beach, Rio Del Mar, CA – Sam Bishop / Mike Love Joy

October – Kelly Lake, Watsonville, CA – Scott Kitayama

OctoberO’Neill Forebay ‘Stosh’ Memorial Fishout, Los Banos, CA – Kevin Murdock



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