2023 SCFF Annual Fundraiser, Awards, and Installation Day

Feb 18  12:30 PM

After 3 long years, we are bringing back our annual fundraiser on February 18th from 12:30 pm to 6:00 pm at the Aptos Grange!   So many things have changed in the past three years and there was no way we could run the fundraiser “the way we used to”, so here we go.  New venue, new hours, new food, new ticket price, new faces and with your help, more comradery, laughter and fun.    We will be serving lunch, raffling wonderful prizes, spotlighting deserving members with annual awards, and introducing the 2023 Board of Directors.

Buy your tickets now:    Its such a bummer to plan a party when no one tells you they are coming.  We know you are thinking about it, so just do it!  Tickets are  $25/person and we only can sell 150 entrance/meal tickets due to space limitations of the Grange.    Tickets are  available online  here:  https://www.santacruzflyfishing.org/product-category/annual-fundraiser/

Volunteer:    Many long term club members say the best part of our Annual Fundraiser is the time volunteering and working with others to put the whole event together.     We still need people to step-up and take an assignment whether it is before, during or after the event.    Contact Elaine Cook (coookin@gmail.com) to find out where you can best help.


Fresh, healthy, filling and fun.   What’s not to like about Mediterranean food?   We are bringing a winner from the Bay Area down to cater our lunch.   @Zagat dubbed SAJJ Mediterranean falafel as best in the Bay Area!   Guests will have the option to choose between the following three entrees.  (All entrees will be served with fries.)

SAJJ Bowl: Your choice of Chicken Shawarma, Steak shawarma or falafel; served over turmeric rice, wild arugula, tomato & cucumber mix, hummus, cabbage, diced pickles, and a drizzle of tahini sauce

SAJJ Wrap: Your choice of Chicken Shawarma, Steak shawarma or falafel; garlic spread, wild arugula, tomato & cucumber mix, sumac onions and diced pickles

SAJJ Pita: Your choice of Chicken Shawarma, Steak shawarma or falafel; with hummus, wild arugula, tomato & cucumber mix, diced pickles

Seating will be available indoor and outdoor all though inside will be cozy depending on the weather.     Lunch will be available between 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.    Water, soda, and coffee will be available as well as a dessert table.   We will not be serving or selling alcohol so plan accordingly.

Parking:  Everyone needs to buddy-up and comes to the Fundraiser with a fellow member, so that we can fit everyone in the parking lot.  Otherwise, over flow will need to park on Mar Vista Drive.

Raffle Tickets:    Tickets can be purchased online and can also be purchased at the event.   If you purchased online, your tickets will be waiting for you along with your entrance/lunch receipt when you check-in.    Raffle boxes will be on the tables for you to decide what you want to win.   Keep a portion of your ticket so that you can claim your winnings.

Door Prizes:   You will be getting a door prize ticket for each of the entry tickets that you purchased.  There are two door prizes, each 50 raffle tickets!  This should help increase your chance of winning.

Health Protocol:   We hope to have a lot of people attend this event and the Grange is not that big of a building.  Masking is encouraged as we want everyone healthy for the upcoming fishing season.

Program Timing:
1:00 – 3:00 pm:   Lunch
3:00 – 3:15 pm :  Lunch clean up and move into the hall to check out auction prices
3:15 – 3:45 pm :  Awards and introduction of 2023 Board of Directors
3:45 – 5:30 pm:  Raffle and Auction
5:30 – 6:00 pm:  cleanup crew to put away tables, chairs,  get rid of garbage, etc.

Fundraising Attendees:  (Update Feb 17)

Dennis Belville (1)
Sam Bishop (2)
Lance Boling (1)
Carly Blanchard (1)
Mathew Bruner (2)
Rick Chase (2)
Joe Clarke (1)
Clark Codiga (1)
John & Elaine Cook (2)
Scott Councilman (1)
Gordon Cumming (1)
Jason Dewberry (1)
Michael DiCiano (2)
Michael Duckworth (3)
Robert Eberle (2)
Malcolm Fliesler (1)
Greg Foy (1)
Robert Garbarino (3)
Jeff Goyert (1)
Marla Henry (1)
Thomas Hogye (2)
Cody Hill (2)
James Hopkins (2)
William Hopkins (4)
Richard Hughett (2)
Justin Ice (1)
Michaela Jacobsen (4)
Garth Kaashoek (1)
Bryan Kerko (1)
Scott Kitayama (2)
Michael Lovejoy (1) cash
Tom Loomis (1)
Teel Lopez (4)
david marks (1)
Emily Marriott (2)
Rob McPherson (1)
Kevin McClish (1)
David Moore (1)
Kevin Morrison (2)
Kevin Murdock (4)
William Murphy (1)
Dariush Naghshineh (2)
Thomas Pelikan (2)
Robert Peterson (1)
Mark Pieczarka (1)
J &J Pisturino (2)     — transfer Derek Whitmer tickets
kathy Powers (3)
Peter Purtscher (2)
Robert Ransdell (1)
Gil Santos (1)
Dougald Scott (1)
Bill Seaman (1)
Christopher Severs (1)
Lori Shaw (1)
Michael Sherwood (2)
Jennifer Smallwood (1)
David South (2)
Pat Steele (1)
James Tolonen (1)
Matt Twisselman (1)
Michael White (1)
Jon Wolfe (1)
Kathryn Yant (1)
Bill Young (1) cash
Jeff Zischke (1)

Volunteers: (update Jan 12)

Food Coordinator: Emily Marriott

Newsletter:        Scott Kitayama
Photos:    Bob Garbarino
Signs:  Elaine Cook
Flower Arrangements:
Money:  Jim Tolonen
Raffle Ticket Bin:  _______________
Parking:  Gene
Master of Ceremonies:   Kathy Powers
Awards:    Kevin Murdock
Heaters for Outside:  Tom Hogye,
Hall Setup Coordinator:  David South
Pop-ups needed: (6)   Kevin Morrision, __  , ___ , ___  , ___   , ___    ,
Extra Chairs:
Layout Floor Plan:  Elain Cook
Table & Chair Setup:  Jory, Matty
Sound System:   Scott Kitayama,   Tommy Polito
Table for Raffle Bin:  David South
Folding table for coats on the stage(3):   Scott Kitayama (1), ____ , ______

Refreshments & Dessert Coordinator:  Elaine Cook

Lg. Coffee Pots:  (3):  Kevin Murdock (1),  Elaine Cook (2)
AM Coffee and Donuts:   Tom Hogye (Donuts), Elaine Cook (Coffee)
Cold Drinks (purchase, setup, tear down):  David South
Cake pickup:  Bill Young
Setup Service Area:  Elaine Cook, Alex

Raffle Prize Coordinator:  Kevin Murdock

Acquire/transport Prizes:  Kevin Murdock
Setup:   ________
Table “A” setup:  Brandon, Koa & Kailani  Houston
Table “B”  Setup:  Brandon, Koa & Kailani  Houston
Pick up Silent Auction Sheets:   _______________

Raffle Ticket Sales Coordinator:  John Cook

Obtain Ticket:  John
Online Will Call:  Bob Peterson, David South, Jim Tolonen, Jeff Goyert
Setup up Dispensers:   John Cook
Sell at Door:  John Cook, Bill Seaman
Sell during club meetings:  John Cook

Lunch Ticket Coordinator:  Bob Peterson

Online orders – Will call:  Bob Peterson, Jim Tolonen, Jeff Goyert
Sell at Club meeting:  Bob Peterson
Issue and check off names at door:   ________________,  ______________

Clean Up Coordinator:  ________________________

As a group: (6): David South, _____, ______, ____, _____, ______

  • Clear tables:
  • overs stuffed chairs back to small room:
  • empty coffee:
  • all trash to dumpster:
  • chairs & table to racks and back room:
  • check outside for trash & objects:
  • load up food, supplies, flowers, etc:
  • club items into cupboard:
  • sweep floors, remove trash from Granges:
  • close windows – turn out lights – lock up:

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