Date:  May 10th 1942 – Wednesday

Time:  I doors open at 6:15 PM, class begins at 6:30

Place:  Aptos Grange Hall

Adult Damselfly

by Blaine cook – Fly tying chairman

May 10  6:30 PM

Damselflies will be featured this month and next for our fly tying classes. Adult this month in May and Nymph next month June. Trout, largemouth bass and bluegill will go for this particular insect. As usual, all the materials will be provided for the class, except for the thread, and no charge to participate. The thread this month will be 6/0 blue. Some will be available to borrow. If you have a light colored thread, such as white, tan or yellow, you can bring it and we’ll color it with a sharpie pen. Tools and vices and thread are available for beginners, who are always welcome. It never hurts to bring a lamp and magnification. Sign up at a club meeting, or call 831-688-1561. Allow at least 24 hours for  material preparation. Please wear a mask. Thanks. Elaine.

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