Rio Del Mar Beach

by Sam Bishop -

Oct 01  6:45 AM

Led by: #ATT{leader}

Our last organized surf fishing outing for 2022 is Saturday, October 1, Rio Del Mar State Beach. We will meet at 0645 am with sunrise at 07 am. After fishing, those interested will stop at Pixie Deli for breakfast burritos, coffee, beer, whatever. They open at 09 am.

This is an unusual tidal situation, with high tide of 3.5 ft at 04:12 am, followed by low tide of 2.6 ft at 8 am, less than 4 hours later. Net result will be little tidal activity as the change is less than one foot.

Take Rio Del Mar Blvd. all the way to the flats next to the beach, circle the round-a-bout and continue east on Beach Drive until you arrive at the state park. Parking is outside, since the parking lot doesn’t open for another hour or more. BTW, there is an outdoor shower there to wash the sand and salt off when you are through fishing.

In September we had 20 people with a good bit of success, so if you aren’t “gone fishing” somewhere else, please join us.

For newbies, PLEASE read the section on surf fishing on our website. Dropdown menu = KNOWLEDGE.

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