Rio Del Mar Beach

by Sam Bishop -

Jul 02  5:30 AM

Led by: #ATT{leader}

Yep, it is the 4th of July weekend and for those of you not leaving town, join us EARLY at Rio Del Mar State Beach. We will start at 0530, before all the dog walkers and joggers are out, catch a bunch of fish and head home in time for breakfast with the rest of the family.

Low tide is a minus 0.4 at 07:40 AM, pretty much the opposite of our June fish-out where we had a high slack tide. The beach structure should be pretty apparent.

Take Rio Del Mar Blvd to the beach flats, circle the round-about and drive out Beach Drive until you get to the State Beach, often called “the Platform”. Do NOT stay near the round-about!

Newbies, please check our website for lots of information under the KNOWLEDGE drop down. And don’t bring a floating line, you will be wasting your time and be frustrated.

Spare flies and stripping baskets will be available, so see you there! 831-274-4024

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