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Surf Fish PALM Beach!

by Sam Bishop"

“PALM Beach” (but not in Florida) is our next destination for surf fishing. If you know Pajaro Dunes, that is it. We meet on Saturday, June 5, starting at 05:35 am. The tide will be mid-flood. This is a long stretch of beach that has produced lots of fish, including my largest Striper. Kirk caught 10 Stripers in a row on this beach on one of our outings.

You may want to use 2 hooks, one smaller for perch and a larger one for Stripers, but it will likely be harder to cast with two (or especially with three) flies. When I add flies I often need to use lighter weight ones than I might with one fly. For example, dumbbell eyes are heavy, so I tie most Clousers and jig flies using bead-chain or even plastic eyes, knowing I will very likely be using 2 or 3, so need them to be light enough to cast.

A reminder that the surf is not a place to learn to cast, but it will force you to improve your line control! Stosh has hosted a few casting clinics and that is a great place to learn to cast.

DIRECTIONS: Take Highway One to Watsonville, Riverside Exit towards the ocean. Turn right and follow Lee Road. Turn left on West Beach and go to the end, park just outside the State park parking lot, which will be closed at that hour.