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Conservation Shift, Welcome Robert ‘Bob’ Garbarino

by Conservation Slim

Board members sometimes get bored with the same job year after year and realize it’s time to change course which is what happened at our board meeting Wednesday night Sept. 15, as is tradition every Sept we look for someone to replace us which does not happen very often but when it does, a new energy brings freshness to the group.

First of all, our official CastMaster Mark Traugott is stepping down as the active club instructor while instead working with 3 or 4 fishermen at a time on the river and not part of any crowd. I will be stepping down as the Conservation Chair and into Marks waders where I feel more comfortable and enjoy offering a regular monthly or bi monthly casting clinic at Jade St Park for the time being.  Sam Bishop who has been the leader of the ‘before meetings’ casting clinic (Now Covid Closed). Between Sam and I, we can help a larger group and with such an experienced membership, we have specialists who can do presentations on spey or switch rods and advanced techniques I have yet to learn.

I want to welcome Bob Garbarino as our new Conservation Chairman, who I first met on a volunteer mission to save fingerling steelhead trout from a rapidly drying up local stream (over 100 fish that day). I asked Bob to help me out sometimes and submit articles for the newsletter which he did and now after a few fishing trips together, I asked him if he could help us/me out.  Hooray!  This is my last post as California Slim.  My last duty I performed was to slash our annual contributions to charitable organizations we all agreed could survive without our $100-$300 donation. (Savings $1900.) Local organizations were funded as usual or cut in half.    Thank you all and watch your GoogleGroup email for the next casting clinic and reminders for the fish outs at the ForeBay. Oct 7-9 and Nov 4-7 2021.

Peace, Stosh