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Sierra Bright Dot

Sierra Bright Dot

This dry fly is an attractor pattern for trout. And attract it does. I will challenge you by tying a small fly , size 16, but on the other hand it is a very simple tie. So don’t hesitate to join in. Please set up a good light, manification and prescription glasses if you wear them. The class is always free, materials provided and we welcome beginners. If you have never tied before or haven’t tools or vise, you will need to call me ASAP to get you set up. To the rest of you, I will be out of town from Oct. 6th and return on the 10th. So call me soon if you want material before I leave. Otherwise leave me a message letting me know if you need to borrow black 8/0 thread and I’ll get the bag of materials at my door sometime on Monday the 11th. To sign up call: (831)688-1561 or (831)251-4741 or (831)234-6515. NO text messages please.

Future tying classes. Dates and subject may change, please go to URL to see the current information.

Monthly FlyDateExcerpt
Bug Eye NymphNov 10 6:30 PM– bass and trout -Taught by Dan Eaton. Very effective last spring at Los Banos Creek Reservoir for bass.
X-CaddisDec 08 6:30 PM– dry fly for trout – streams and lakes throughout the West – Olive 8/0 thread.
Red Bead Cone HeadJan 12 6:30 PM– large trout and bass – appropriate for Pyramid , Los Banos Creek Reservoir, Delta and like waters – black 6/0 thread
Surf PercherFeb 09 6:30 PM– surf fish species – local beaches – red 6/0 thread
PoppersMar 12 9:00 AM– bass – top water lakes and ponds, primarily in spring – very strong thread, any color. NOTE: Let Elaine know early if you want to attend. Class is VERY popular.
Green DrakeApr 13 6:30 PM– dry fly for trout – spring in the Rocky Mountains and other Western streams and rivers – tan 6/0 thread
CricketMay 11 6:30 PM– dry fly for trout – streams and rivers thought the West – black 6/0 thread

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