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July Vacation Newsletter

We will NOT have a general meeting in July and won’t have another until September 4th. Until then, there are plenty of activities for you:

  • Trout Unlimited meeting June 19th
  • Surf fishout at Palm on July 6th
  • Fly Tying class with Jesse Collins on July 9th
  • Kennedy Meadows fishout on July
  • Fly Casting in July, date TBD
  • Club BBQ on Wednesday, August 7th

Have a great summer!

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June 2024 Table of Contents

June Meeting: Matt – Truckee River………………
June Raffle……………………
Trout Unlimited Meeting…………………
President’s Line……………………
Fly Tying……………………
 June Class: X-Caddis
 Fly of the Month: Hemingway Caddis
Conservation Concerns……………
 Profile: Carmel River Steelhead Association
Membership Notes…………………
 Club Activities – June
 Online Merchandise Store is Now Open
 Help Disabled Veterans Learn to Fly Fish
 238 Members Including 7 New Members
Gearing Up…………………
  Fishout Schedule – June
Cartoon ……………………

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June Raffle Items

NOTICE: There will be no pre-meeting sales of raffle tickets this month, all raffle tickets will be sold at the monthly June meeting, 6/6/24, held at the Aptos Grange.

Looks like we have some great stuff up for grabs this month!
The Predator 8wt rod at 10 ft is perfect for the surf, big river Steelhead, Pyramid Lake,  or warm water big game fish.
It is a four piece rod that features a IM 10-30T Carbon blank, aluminum reel seat, and titanium guides. It is a fast action rod designed to throw big streamers and flies under rugged conditions.
We have a great little Fly-Tying Tool Kit from White River. Includes all your standard tools plus a vise, all packaged in a classic wooden case.
George Revel of Lost Coast Outfitters has donated a great wax canvas hat plus $60 in gift cards to be used at his San Francisco store or online through his website. Time for Fly Gear shopping!
Raffle tickets are a dollar each, twenty bucks gets you 25. Tickets will be sold at the club meeting, need not be a club member to participate. Raffle proceeds are used to support the the Club’s conservation efforts and our local scholarship program.
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Reaching out to other organizations

Santa Cruz Fly Fishing has been busy the past few months and doesn’t seem to be stopping. One of the exciting areas is that we are doing more and more with other organizations n the area. Some are looking towards us for resources, others are wanting to share knowledge and try and grow both organizations. I am encouraging these types of relationships to provide opportunities for our members. I am highlighting some of the organizations with articles in this month’s newsletter:

Fishout Exchanges with the Stanislaus Fly Fishers:
Fishout Committee chair, Justin Ice, continues to come up with ways to increase the number of available fishouts for the club. His latest brainstorm is to form alliances with other fly fishing clubs and do fishout exchanges. The first one is with the Stanislaus club out of Modesto and we are invited to attend their fishout on the Clarks Fork of the Stanislaus River . And in exchange, we will be providing a Zoom presentation on fishing the surf and invite them to join us for the July 6th fishout at Palm Beach .

Project Healing Waters
At the last casting clinic, I was talking to club member, Derek Whitmer, about a local Project Healing Waters (PHWFF) being started in Monterey Peninsula to help disabled veterans using the magic of fly fishing. Derek became enthused and contacted the coordinators to see how what they needed. They already have veterans who have signed up to learn how to fish and go fishing, now they need volunteers. Read the article in Membership Notes to learn how to help.

Steinbeck Country Trout Unlimited: Last month, SCFF member, Kevin Morrison, contacted me to start a conversation between SCFF and our local Trout Unlimited chapter, Steinbeck Country TU. Covering an area from the San Mateo down San Louis Obispo, Trout Unlimited has thousands of local members and almost none of them know about the local chapter. The Steinbeck Country TU Board’s strategy is to leverage the fly fishing clubs within the Central Coast area to quickly build up momentum. To help them, the Santa Cruz Fly Fishing club will be hosting the TU Chapter meeting at the Aptos Grange on Wednesday, June 19th.

Profile: Wild Steelheaders United
Who are the organization’s that SCFF gives conservations dollar to and why? These are the questions that Conservation Committee Chair, Bob Garbarino, is answering with “profile” series to let us know more aobut the organizations that we are financially supporting. The May 2024 newsletter highlights the work of the Wild Steelheaders United.

Profile: Carmel River Steelhead Association
The June 2024 newsletter is highlighting the work of Carmel River Steelhead which member, Rich Hughett, has been supporting since the start. (see link)

Student Scholarship:
Finally by providing scholarships, our relationship with the local public high schools continues to flourish. I had the pleasure of presenting a $500 check to Ruby from Pajaro Valley High School (PVHS) who will be attending Brown University in Rhode Island and majoring in Environmental Studies. Another benefit from providing scholarships is that we get our club’s name out to the community. For example, a teacher from PVHS, Nathan Hokie, saw us presenting last year and joined the club!

I hope that you get out and fish this summer!

Scott Kitayama

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Online Merchandise Store is now Open

Greetings from the Marketing Chair,

The link I have included is our club link .
This will take you to Our Santa Cruz Fly Fishing Club Store. As of today we have 13 items (many of the items come in different colors), including women’s and men’s specifically in the store with our logo. You may order and have your order shipped direct to your home with a shipping fee of $7.40.

The Club can ask for other garments to be included in the store. If any one has a request please send a link to the Item to me at I will have some sample garments for the June Club meeting to check out . I will also have cards printed up with this link out at the meetings. Check out new swag garments on display.

Tight Lines
Rick Chace

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Help disabled veterans learn to fly fish with Project Healing Waters

Wanted to let you know about an opportunity to get involved with a local chapter of “Project Healing Waters” (PHW).    PHW is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of injured and disabled military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings.
Our contact for PHW is Brian Steckler.  Brian’s email is  PHWFF.SF…  and phone is (831) 402-1584.  Please contact Brian ASAP if you can help, especially with the June 1st event and the July outing.  I have enclosed Project Healing Waters FAQ.
Below are some of the activities they will be doing this summer and need  volunteers.
  1. Next outdoor class (knot tying, typical nymph and dry fly rigs, what to expect on a one-day and/or overnight outing for camping and fishing):   June 1 from 1 to 4 PM,  in Carmel Valley Village. PHWFF SF – Monterey Peninsula Extension Event June 1 2024 v2 (1)
  2. July overnight outing y), Mokelumne River east of Stockton (3.5 hour drive from Monterey).  Camping at Lake Amador Campground.  July 13-16.  PVH can take only 4-5 vets and they must have participated in two events by June 2nd.  Volunteers needed.
  3. Next outdoor class (reading the water, entomology (study of bugs/flies), casting practice – roll and double haul casting):  Wednesday July 10th from 7-9 PM.  Location TBD.
  4. August overnight outing (note this is a newly announced event).  Location TBD based on some recon trips I’m doing prior to this event.   PVH   can only take 4-5 vets and they must have participated in two events by July 2nd to be considered.
  5. August outdoor class (repeat of June knot tying, typical nymph and dry fly rigs, what to expect on a one-day and/or overnight outing for camping and fishing):  Wednesday August 7th from 7-9 PM.
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May 2024 Table of Contents

May Meeting: Alaska………………
May Raffle……………………
President’s Line……………………
Fly Tying……………………
 May Class: Foam Beetle
 Fly of the Month: X-Caddis
Conservation Concerns……………
 Profile: Wild Steelheaders United
Membership Notes…………………
 May 11 – Swap Meet
 Club Activities – May
 2024 Roster Available @ May Meeting
Gearing Up…………………
  Fishout Schedule – May
Cartoon ……………………

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We Want You To (WWYT):

As you may know, the club currently has 15 members on the Board of Directors. But did you know that we also have at least 10 others working in the background to help the club flourish? We have a lot of ideas to improve the club and we need more volunteers. Take a look and step up, We Want You!

WWYT organize and lead a fishout: We’re actively expanding our fishout opportunities and are looking for enthusiastic leaders. You don’t need extensive experience or a large group to get started; just a passion for organizing enjoyable fishing outings for our members.

WWYT publicize your business for free: As a club, we want to support our members’ businesses and services. To make this happen, we’re creating a dedicated page on our website to showcase and promote member businesses and organizations that contribute to our club’s success. Let us know about your business so we can feature it!

Facebook Group Administrator: We’re considering using a private Facebook Group to enhance member interaction and engagement. If you’re social media-savvy and passionate about fostering community within our club, volunteering as a Facebook Group Administrator could be a great fit for you. This role involves managing the group, encouraging participation, and sharing exciting updates and content.

WWYT help with the end of year slideshow: Rich Rubin has graciously volunteered to create a slideshow for our January meeting. We’re seeking a volunteer to assist in collecting digital photos from members throughout the year and coordinating with Rich from October to December to ensure a fantastic end-of-year presentation. If you have an eye for visuals and enjoy working collaboratively, this opportunity is perfect for you.

WWYT sell and attend the May 11 Swap Meet: Save the date! Our May 11 swap meet at the Aptos Grange is a fantastic opportunity to buy, sell, and connect with fellow members. Make sure to mark your calendar from 9 am to 1 pm and join us for a fun and lively event.

WWYT help us learn about our members: Understanding our members’ interests, preferences, and feedback is crucial for enhancing our club’s offerings. We’re looking for someone passionate about gathering insights, devising meaningful questions, and developing strategies to engage and serve our diverse membership better. Your input can shape the future of our club activities and initiatives.

WWYT invite your friends to join the club: Our club thrives on the enthusiasm and camaraderie of members. We’re aiming to get our membership to 260 by year-end and believe that our current members are our best advocates. Invite your friends to join us for casting lessons, fly fishing adventures, and a vibrant community of fellow fishing enthusiasts.

If any of these opportunities resonates with you or if you have any questions, please reach out. Your involvement and contributions are invaluable in making our club flourish.

Scott Kitayama

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April 2024 Table of Contents

April Meeting: Origin of Golden Trout with Steve Schalla………………
April Raffle……………………
President’s Line……………………
Fly Tying……………………
 April Class: AP Nymph
 Fly of the Month: Mallard Flank Mayfly Nymph
Conservation Concerns……………
 Judge Decides in Favor of Fish in San Joaquin River Watershed
Membership Notes…………………
 Club Activities – April
 Tactical (ADVANCED) Dry Fly Fishing W/ field trip to Hat River
 228 Members Have Renewed
Gearing Up…………………
  Alpine County – Update for 2024
  Safety Using Stripping Baskets in Surf
  Fishout Schedule – April
Cartoon ……………………
SCFF Advertising ………………

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Response to Petition to ban fishing in parts of Monterey Bay

We are fortunate to call the Monterey Bay area our home, where the ocean’s health directly impacts our well-being. Recently, our club members became aware of petition 2023-33MPA, pushing for new no-fishing zones around Pleasure Point and off the coast of Natural Bridges State Beach. While protecting kelp forests is a commendable goal, the proposed fishing ban has raised concerns in our community about potential threats to our fishing rights.  Personally, I joined the club because I wanted to learn how to fly fish the surf and I know a lot of club members that enjoy fishing from the beach as well as fishing the kelp beds from a kayak.

The heart of the debate revolves around assessing how fishing activities may affect kelp ecosystems in Santa Cruz. Advocates for the petition, primarily environmental groups from Southern California, argue that implementing no-fishing zones is crucial to safeguard these fragile habitats. However, opponents of the petition, including members of our club, question the necessity and effectiveness of such broad fishing bans. We argue that the conditions in Santa Cruz’s kelp forests may differ significantly from those in other regions, such as Southern California, where fishing restrictions might be more warranted. This article in Santa Cruz Local and its links give a good explanation of the issue.

During our recent Club Board meeting, we discussed the issue and decided to take a stance of patience and proactive engagement. The California Commission of Fish and Wildlife is currently handling numerous petitions, including 2023-33MPA. In solidarity with those opposing the petition, I have sent letters on behalf of SCFF to key opponents, including Supervisor Cummings, UCSC Professor Zavaleta (a member of the California Fish and Wildlife Commission), and the All Waters Protection and Access Coalition. These letters express our readiness to collaborate and provide assistance in finding sustainable solutions that balance environmental protection with community interests.

Although there is no specific deadline for the commission to decide on the petitions, we are committed to remaining informed and actively participating in the ongoing dialogue. We encourage members with experience or insights into navigating such petitions to share their expertise with the club.

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Tactical (ADVANCED) Dry Fly Fishing W/ field trip to Hat River

by Alex Ferber

Alex Ferber – (831) 419-0564
Learn or improve your ability to make successful surface presentations (Dry Fly) to rising fish on Spring Creeks. The true art of fly fishing. This class will focus on loop control, drag free drifts with long leaders using small dry flies. This 5 day class will include 3 days of lawn instruction, culminating in 2 guided day workshops on Hat Creek and Fall River; two iconic Spring Creeks in Northern California, where accurate, well presented flies are a must. Minimal skills: Ability to consistently overhead/false cast to a minimum of 45 feet

Note:  Registration through Capitola Recreation Department.   (Link will be put here when the catalog is published)

Jade St. Soccer Field/OFF-SITE FIELD TRIP
R $450| NR $467
Jade St Park:
Sat 9:00-11:00am 5/18, 6/1, 6/15
Hat River Field Trip:
6/27-6/30 (All Day)

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March 2024 Table of Contents

March Meeting: David Gregory………………
March Raffle……………………
President’s Line……………………
Fly Tying……………………
 March Class: Poppers
 Fly of the Month: Adult Damsel
Conservation Concerns……………
 The Good News and Not So Good News
Membership Notes…………………
 Club Activities – March
 Annual Dinner Reflections
 February was a good beginning for 2024
Gearing Up…………………
  Fishout Schedule – March
Cartoon ……………………

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Annual Dinner Reflections

by Tom Hogye


I have had the pleasure of serving this fine establishment in many ways over the last thirty years.  Conservation, President, Programs, Casting, and now Master of Ceremonies at our annual dinner / fundraiser.   I suppose the next best opportunity is hosting the Oscars.

As mentioned during our annual dinner, this was our 45th year, only ever interrupted by Covid in 2021 and 2022, the first annual dinner a small gathering of the original members in the Portuguese Hall for a spaghetti dinner.    There are photos of some of these annual dinners in albums somewhere in the club members’ possession.

The annual dinner/fundraiser is the primary funding source for the club’s desire to provide for conservation, and other costs not directly associated with the membership dues.   Since those early days back in 1977, the clubs funding goals have expanded into several areas of conservation focused on opportunities for fly-fishing, and our pursuit of bringing the youth of the world into fly-fishing and conservation with our high-school scholarship program which began in 2018 in memoriam of members who have passed away.    

Santa Cruz Fly Fishing is one of some 50 clubs in California and Nevada.  While other clubs suffered in 2020, or aged out of existence, you helped us continue growing and even better, sharing with other clubs, what we are doing to continue growing and thriving amidst so many challenges.

This first of our big dinner/fundraisers returning from Covid proved to be one of the most successful in many years.

Thank you to the 45 club member volunteers who helped organize the event.  Much of this beginning September the previous year – yes, we do spend a lot of time planning.

Thanks to the great staff at the Pajaro Rod & Gun Club for a great venue and your warm welcome.

Special thank you to Sam Bishop and his band of Sous Chef’s for catching the salmon in Alaska, bringing it back and putting everything together.   You’d be hard pressed to have had fresher salmon.   To the folks at California Grill and Watsonville Staff of Life for the excellent side dishes and salad.

Enormous thank you to Elaine Cook, David South and everyone who helped with the set up and in the kitchen.   If you don’t know this, Elaine has been orchestrating SCFF annual dinners for well over 35 years.   

I only ask forgiveness for anyone I may have left out who also put their heart and soul into this event.   Thank you.  

Thanks to the those who donated many of the raffle prizes and silent auction items.   I’m told the Silent Auction results of $3,075 were the highest we’ve ever seen.

In short, below is how you helped make this event a success.

$6,800 – we factored in a cap at 160 tickets but sold 170.   ~150 attended.  

$5,450 – Raffle tickets, an average $36.00 per person

$3,075 – Silent Auction returns 

$   266 – Donations

$15,591.00 – Total Revenue 

$240 in new memberships paid at the dinner – it was exciting to see how many this was their first annual dinner/fundraiser.    

($6,452) – Expenses – salmon, sides, serviettes, place settings, raffle prizes, hall rental

$8,873 – net to the club.


Our primary goal was to raise the Conservation Budget to $4,000 and scholarships to $3,200 and build a buffer to go into 2024 and planning for the 2025 fundraiser/dinner to see if we can go a bit bigger next year.   Mission accomplished.


It took a village.  YOU are that village.   If you’re reading this, you are part of the success story.  One we could not have without YOU.  Yes, you.    


Where other clubs have struggled to stay alive through Covid; some of which dissolved all together, your leadership team has been very enthusiastic about this club, its mission and future.  Because of you the future of fly-fishing, the environment around fly-fishing and the terrific community / family we have come to be, is being shared with other “clubs” here in California, Nevada and clear across the country.


Scott has had a theme of “fellowship” as being our goal for 2023-24.   And to that extent we are enthusiastic about our future and sharing it with others.    


Thank you.   And you thought this was just a club for fly-fishing.  

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February 2024 Table of Contents

SOLD OUT 2024 Annual Dinner & Fundraiser………………
President’s Line……………………
Fly Tying……………………
 February Class: Booby Fly
 Fly of the Month: Midnight Cowboy
Conservation Concerns……………
 The Resilient Steelhead and the Zayante Watershed
Membership Notes…………………
 Club Activities – February
 Membership @ 210
Gearing Up…………………
  Fishout Schedule – February
  Winter Perch
Cartoon ……………………

Place:  557 1/2 Lakeview Road, Watsonville, CA

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SOLD OUT – 2024 Annual Dinner and Fundraiser

Dinner Tickets: The dinner is sold out. Dinner ticket purchasers, please go to this link and make sure that we have you on the list. We will not be selling dinner tickets at the door.

Directions and Parking: Use the address 557 1/2 Lakeview Drive, Watsonville, CA on your GPS to find the building. Lakeview Drive is a country road with no street lights, so you want to get to the dinner before sunset. There will be a lit SCFF banner to show where to turn to get to the clubhouse.

Parking Pro Tip: Saturday is forecasted to be rainy, and some of the parking lot is packed gravel, so you don’t need to wear your dress shoes. The parking lot is very dark at night, so you will want to have a flashlight or use your phone’s light.

Dinner: There are enough tables for everyone to comfortably sit in the main room. We will arrange the tables to seat six. If you want to reserve seats when you arrive, please make it obvious the seats at the table that are reserved and the ones that are still open. We have a lot of single ticket buyers, so there will be a lot of groups sharing tables. There is a cash bar at the back of the clubhouse, so bring cash.

Dinner Pro Tip: The seats are metal folding chairs and you will be sitting for a long time. Bringing a seat cushion will make it more comfortable and also make it obvious that you are reserving that seat.

Raffle Tickets:    Tickets can be purchased online and can also be purchased at the event.   If you purchased online, your tickets will be waiting for you along with your entrance/lunch receipt when you check-in.    Raffle boxes will be on the tables for you to decide what you want to win.   Keep a portion of your ticket so that you can claim your winnings.

Raffle Tickets Pro Tip: Keep your ticket stubs as a connected strip. On the paper provided with your tickets, write down the first number and the last number. Then when the tickets are being called, you can quickly tell if your have the winning number. While others are enjoying appetizers, use the time to look over the items being raffled. Make a ranked list of your top 10 or 20 items that you want. Pay attention during the raffle to see what items are taken so you can quickly get the best prize left on your list.

Door Prizes:   You will be getting a door prize ticket for each of the entry tickets that you purchased.  There are two door prizes, each 50 raffle tickets!  This should help increase your chance of winning.

Silent Auction: Silent Auction bidding will open at 5:00 pm with bidding increment of $5.00. Silent auction will end at the break between Table A and Table B raffle. Payment can be done with cash, check or credit card. Item must be taken home at the end of the evening.

Program Timing:
5:00 – 6:00 pm:   Appetizers and prize perusal. Silent auction bidding will be open
6:00 – 7:20 pm :  Dinner
7:20 – 7:35 pm :  Awards and introduction of 2024 Board of Directors
7:35 – 9:00 pm:  Raffle and Silent Auction
9:00 – 9:30 pm:  cleanup crew to put away tables, chairs,  get rid of garbage, etc.

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State of the Club

For the second year in a row, I get to proclaim “The State of the Union Club is strong”.

Some indicators of our strength:

  • Our finances are strong:  In November,  our treasurer, Jim, reported that our bank account was about $42,000. Since then we have had additional membership renewals and an upcoming sold-out fundraising dinner which will strengthen our financial position.
  • Our philanthropy is strong:  In 2024, we will contribution $4,000 to to Fishing and Conservancy organizations.  Also, club members have been generous in volunteering work hours for local conservation programs.    And in 2024, we will again provide  $3,200 in total scholarships, to eight seniors from the eight Santa Cruz public high schools  going on to study environmental science.
  • Our membership is growing:   In 2021, we had 150 in the club directory, in 2023, we had 175 in the club directory and in 2024 we will have at least 210 members listed.    That is a significant growth over three years!

In 2023, I tried to emphasize Fellowship as a way to improve the value that the club to each member.    I hope that your interactions with the club and other members have been positive.

As we look forward, I can easily see  the club getting to 250 members in the next year or two.   I worry that our current structure of 16 members of the SCFF Board of Directors managing all the club activities will limit the club.  We need a way to get more club members to participate in planning and running activities; we need to figure out how to scale the club.

A step in the right direction is what Bob Garbarino has done by creating Conservation Committee.    Suddenly he has involved three more club members in providing insight and effort to tackle conservation issues for the club.  I am hoping that we will be able to reach out and get more members involved in helping in  the areas of fly fishing education, fish-outs, and technology.    If you have suggestions to help grow the club, I would love to hear from you.

Now for a few notices:

  • There will be NO General Meeting in February.  The next meeting will be March 6th.
  • The Fly Fishing Film Tour will be at the RIO Theater in  Santa Cruz on February 10th.  This is the ONLY showing of the film near the Bay Area.  The next closest showing will be in Sacramento.
  • Please attend the Pleasanton Fly Show from February 23-25th.  There are not a lot of places that you can touch products or try a fly rod in the United States.  Without good attendance, the Bay Area may lose its last fly fishing show.
  • Thank you to those who are attending our Annual Fundraiser.  The team has been working very hard at it and know that you will have a good time.

Oh yeah, Happy Valentines,

Scott Kitayama, President of the Santa Cruz Fly Fishing Club

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January 2024 Table of Contents

2024 Annual Dinner & Fundraiser………………
General Meeting……………………
 Fish stories from our members
January Raffle……………………
President’s Line……………………
Fly Tying……………………
 January Class: Trout Nugget
 Thank you to instructors
 Fly of the Month: Loop Wing Leach
Conservation Concerns……………
 The Tidewater Goby
Membership Notes…………………
 Club Activities – January
Gearing Up…………………
  Fishout Schedule – January
  2024 Mammoth Fishout
Cartoon ……………………