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Sons (and Daughters) of the beaches

by Surf organizer Sam

Dateline 4 September 2021 (Labor Day Weekend)


Well before the hordes of surfers, dog walkers, runners and “sit on the beachers” arrived, there were 14 members and guests of Santa Cruz Fly Fishers hitting the beach with their fly rods. Turns out the fish were simply not ready to resist this massive, unexpected attack. They gave up quickly to Elaine Cook, with four catches right away, then there was Amy Terra with her band of sisters and brothers from Lodi. She is President of the Delta Fly Fishers and immediately had at least three perch and more later. I think everyone had hook-ups and fish in hand, but with that many folks fishing, they were spread out half a mile, so I couldn’t check everyone.

Here are those who signed in (Note the various towns) : Tommy Polito, Adam Altoff (Castro Valley), Elaine Cook, Jeff Zischke, Amy Terra (plus 3 from Lodi), Randy Saar (Pacific Grove), Dena Mason, Justin Ice, Matt Jockers, Cecilia Stipes,  Scott Kitayama, Gene Boylin, Dominic Martinez (Los Banos), and Sam Bishop. For the names that are missing, it is your fault for not signing the attendance sheet:.

I hope we see even more of you next month. See “Gearing Up” for details.