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Fishing the cantankerous surf

by Sam Bishop

We had a very nice group of 15 people show up on Saturday May 6, for our first 2023 surf fish-out, held at Rio Del Mar Beach. No one knows why there were so few fish caught considering the many outstanding fly fisher-people challenging the surf with their expertly tied flies! Maybe it was the full moon? It even rained on us, but no one left early, until time for ½ dozen of us to enjoy a great breakfast at the Red Apple Café.

Unfortunately, a few people were late and did not sign in, but here is what I have:

Michael Gaines, Joe Stumph (guest from Reno), Robert Eberle, Lance Boling, Randy Sarr, Adam Althoff, Elaine Cook, Emily Marriott, Scott Kitayama, plus Elizabeth McCarter and Fred Farias from the Salinas Club.

Pictured is yours truly and Salinas Fly Casters President Elizabeth McCarter.

Please join us Saturday June 3 for the next surfing adventure. Details elsewhere in the newsletter.