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Lake Almanor Fishout

by Jeff Goyert

Group photo of SCFF members at Lake Almanor fishout.

I think that the dozen of us that participated in the Lake Almanor Fishout would agree that the weather was perfect; cool and crisp in the mornings and up into the mid-seventies in the afternoons. The downside of the mild weather was the relatively cool lake water temperature which reduced the quality of the Hexagenia hatch. A handful of big fish were taken by anglers lucky enough be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. 

Those that ventured to other local waters such as Clear Creek, Crater Lake, Baum Lake, Manzanita Lake and such were rewarded for their time spent behind the wheel with lovely scenery and quality fly fishing. 

The dates for next year’s Lake Almanor Fishout will be Saturday 6/22 thru Saturday 6/29. For cabin reservations at Wilson’s Camp call Debbie a 530-259-2267. For cabins at Plumas Pines call 530-259-4343.

Many thanks to all that participated in this years event, congratulations to those successful in their angling efforts.