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SCFF Supports Organizations That Make a Difference

by Bob Garbarino

Two conservation organizations our club supports with annual donations—Alameda Creek Alliance and Caltrout—are working on a project to increase the habitat for Chinook salmon and steelhead on Alameda Creek. The goal of this project is to provide fish access to an additional 20 miles of the Alameda Creek watershed, into and above Sunol Regional Park. The obstacle to be addressed is a protective concrete pad over a main PG&E gas pipeline near the 680 freeway in Sunol Valley. The concrete crosses Alameda Creek at a level that blocks fish passage except during high streamflow events. The plan is to lower the pipeline 17 feet below the stream bed. Caltrout will be providing their resources to spearhead the project, and will lead stream monitoring after the obstacle is removed. This work builds on many projects on Alameda Creek over the years that resulted in Chinook salmon and steelhead being able to swim up into Niles Canyon in 2022—the first time in 50 years. Thank you SCFF club members for your support that enables us to pass along our success to organizations like Alameda Creek Alliance and Caltrout. To learn more about this, go to: