Place:  557 1/2 Lakeview Road, Watsonville, CA

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SOLD OUT – 2024 Annual Dinner and Fundraiser

Dinner Tickets: The dinner is sold out. Dinner ticket purchasers, please go to this link and make sure that we have you on the list. We will not be selling dinner tickets at the door.

Directions and Parking: Use the address 557 1/2 Lakeview Drive, Watsonville, CA on your GPS to find the building. Lakeview Drive is a country road with no street lights, so you want to get to the dinner before sunset. There will be a lit SCFF banner to show where to turn to get to the clubhouse.

Parking Pro Tip: Saturday is forecasted to be rainy, and some of the parking lot is packed gravel, so you don’t need to wear your dress shoes. The parking lot is very dark at night, so you will want to have a flashlight or use your phone’s light.

Dinner: There are enough tables for everyone to comfortably sit in the main room. We will arrange the tables to seat six. If you want to reserve seats when you arrive, please make it obvious the seats at the table that are reserved and the ones that are still open. We have a lot of single ticket buyers, so there will be a lot of groups sharing tables. There is a cash bar at the back of the clubhouse, so bring cash.

Dinner Pro Tip: The seats are metal folding chairs and you will be sitting for a long time. Bringing a seat cushion will make it more comfortable and also make it obvious that you are reserving that seat.

Raffle Tickets:    Tickets can be purchased online and can also be purchased at the event.   If you purchased online, your tickets will be waiting for you along with your entrance/lunch receipt when you check-in.    Raffle boxes will be on the tables for you to decide what you want to win.   Keep a portion of your ticket so that you can claim your winnings.

Raffle Tickets Pro Tip: Keep your ticket stubs as a connected strip. On the paper provided with your tickets, write down the first number and the last number. Then when the tickets are being called, you can quickly tell if your have the winning number. While others are enjoying appetizers, use the time to look over the items being raffled. Make a ranked list of your top 10 or 20 items that you want. Pay attention during the raffle to see what items are taken so you can quickly get the best prize left on your list.

Door Prizes:   You will be getting a door prize ticket for each of the entry tickets that you purchased.  There are two door prizes, each 50 raffle tickets!  This should help increase your chance of winning.

Silent Auction: Silent Auction bidding will open at 5:00 pm with bidding increment of $5.00. Silent auction will end at the break between Table A and Table B raffle. Payment can be done with cash, check or credit card. Item must be taken home at the end of the evening.

Program Timing:
5:00 – 6:00 pm:   Appetizers and prize perusal. Silent auction bidding will be open
6:00 – 7:20 pm :  Dinner
7:20 – 7:35 pm :  Awards and introduction of 2024 Board of Directors
7:35 – 9:00 pm:  Raffle and Silent Auction
9:00 – 9:30 pm:  cleanup crew to put away tables, chairs,  get rid of garbage, etc.