Date:  8/10/2022

Time:  6:30 pm

Place:  Aptos Grange

Fluke Fly – Aug Fly tying

by Greg Foy - Instructor

Aug 10  6:30 AM

Led by: #ATT{leader}

IMPORTANT:  This class will be taught at the Aptos Grange.  Masks will be OPTIONAL if you are vaccinated.   NO ZOOM access.

The Fluke Fly is a smaller adaptation of a deceiver. It is tied with deceiver hackle and synthetic materials, on a light jig hook for snag resistance, a slow fall and easy castability. Fished on a floating line near shore or structure, it will sink near the bottom of a lake or pond (where the fish are?) and rise and fall as it is stripped back. The target is black bass and sunfish.

Contact Greg Foy to attend the class.

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