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by Conservation Director Steve Rudzinski

I was nervous tonight (2/5/2020), it was serious for me, I didn’t look up enough and Adam Schiff would shake his head a little but I did get applause which I never expected at all. I was sure it would be pretty silent and you know what? I don’t care, I have the floor. I explained to everyone that it was a historic week/day and all our hard work since my childhood, I saw the “Clean Water Act” signed as law and my home Hudson River slowly cleaned up to attract striped bass again and the “Love Canal” toxic site was exposed and the residents helped.

Rolling back laws on the books just because you can and it upsets conservationists is even more reason to sell out our precious Interior lands to mineral extraction and fracking for natural gas. Putting a label on what political party is better for the environment is a lopsided one and this current administration only caters to the corporate giants, Coal ash not okay to dump into waterways once forbidden under previous laws has been lifted and the die off of fish was as expected, fatal for aquatic life. This is not on any normal TV news show. There’s a lot of truth out there that most of us are unaware or don’t care.

As the Conservation chairman, I perhaps broke a rule, written or assumed, but I don’t care, I have the seat, impeach me. I have the votes, I heard the applause, If I want to present a show on the REAL cause of “global warming”, showing that CO2 is actually a very positive thing for the planet and all plants and trees. CO2 is GOOD but what the sky shows us daily is a haze when there should be the bluebird blue sky of our youth. The aerial aerosols cloud the sky as the jets lay down even patterns and grids, turning on and off the spraying, it’s quite a show, many think of it as normal and not at all questioning what we see is not normal at all.

My message was a hope that we will not let dirty corporations supported by a dirty government spoil our heritage and our children and grandchildren to avoid this new world order plan, Agenda 21 Agenda 2030. Not the rantings of a novice seeker, I have studied as much as I can stand but none of it is very positive for our future. No “Pollyanna” pie in the sky fixes, the UN Agenda is well under way to completely ionize our upper stratosphere with metallic dust that will remain there and aid the 5G coming to a telephone pole near you.

Please Impeach me, let me go.

This is the last Newsletter from our beloved Pat, my friend and co-conspirator and a sister to whom I always can speak my truth. It’s important to be able to find that person who does not judge but listens and learns and comments and shares their ideas on the subject. What I learned as jumping from Facilities board member to the President for three years and now Conservation is that having to report on only local issues that affect us here at home may not be what I am not most good at providing. There is so much more out there to study, I feel the club would be overwhelmed.

Since I heard applause, please send me your thoughts, I know members want the truth and it is important, the links I used for my reports I check out and will send to you if you ask. If my report was offensive to my more conservative friends I am not sorry at all, my job is to report on what I feel most passionate about and will affect the most of us no matter what political opinion exists.

This being the last chance to blog on the SCFF Newsletter I wanted to speak out and say thanks to those who supported my very nervous presentation which I wish I had practiced it first. I welcome any emails or calls and remain your Conservation Chair. Thank you, Pat, for all your hard work, and it was a pleasure working with you when I was president for three years. You rock, and have been a real sister to me. Much loud applause.

Peace, Steve/Stosh Rudzinski 2/6/2020