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To the Rescue!

by Cecilia Stipes

We owe a debt of gratitude to club member, Jeff Slaboden, who generously provided 100 bottles of hand sanitizer produced by his company in an effort to protect our community from the coronavirus.   At the onset of the crisis and due to the apparent shortage of product, Jeff directed his company to immediately convert production from its usual products, to producing and supplying hand sanitizer to community first-responder agencies, organizations and some local stores.   Being the generous person he is, he offered a supply to our club members for free, or to use as a fund raiser.   All club members who requested some, gladly paid five dollars, and it raised $500 for the club’s scholarship program, where Jeff asked the funds be directed to students entering the medical or science studies.   A huge thank you to Jeff for his humanitarian effort helping so many families during this serious pandemic.

Thank you Jeff. 

P.S. – Thank you Cecilia and Richard for stepping up, helping to get these 100 bottles of hand sanitizer to our club members who were rapidly moving to the shelter in place requirements.   Jeff informed me that over the last 30 days, his company has produced and distributed over 100,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, “Thousands of which have been donated to a variety of good causes and people in need.

If you have a special story you’d like to share around this crisis and fly-fishing – drop me a line. −Tom Hogye