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Gear Up for the surf on Saturday, September 5, 0630 am.

by Sam Bishop

Our club is quite unique. We fish the surf with our fly rods more often than probably any club in the world. We have more experienced surf fly fishers than any other club and to top it off, we have our unique, distinctive, bright green stripping baskets, making our club members easily identifiable.
For our second trip to Manresa this year, we will meet at the State Beach that Saturday 0630, this beach has produced some nice fish and usually has more wave action than do Rio Del Mar or Palm. I don’t know why, but I believe it may have to do with curvature of the Bay making the swells more concentrated as they arrive.
Reminder that parking is limited outside, so if there is none, then drive on up ¼ mile and turn right on Ocean View, then another right into a larger parking area. There are stairs down to the beach. We will fish to the NORTH side of the stairs, all the way up to the railroad bridge.
Low tide is about 0650 and is a plus 1.2, so most of the time we will be fishing a flood tide.
As always, I will have spare fishing baskets and extra flies.

No reservations required, just show up!!!