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Instagram was Built for Fishing

by Jerry McKeon

Did you know that Kevin Systrom, founder of Instagram designed his app so that he could share fishing photos with his friends?  Of course you didn’t because that’s completely untrue but in fact Instagram is an excellent tool for fly fishers.  The club’s website and Facebook Accounts have their place and aren’t going anywhere, but they are not as elegant as Instagram is for those of us who prefer our mobile devices.  I like to wake up before my wife and kids and head down to my quiet kitchen.  Cup of coffee in one hand, iPhone in the other, I take in some content that’s all mine.  Within 5 minutes I’m caught up on the photo rich content of the people I follow.  A baseball writer, a few fly-tiers, a comedian and some interesting friends.    It’s how I kick start my day with wonderful photos, short videos and inspiration of the things I’m passionate about.   In truth, I’m average at best with technology but Instagram solves for that by being incredibly user friendly.  It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s easy which has made it incredibly popular with today’s youth. For those of us not so young,  we also see the value in it.

SantaCruzFlyFishing” now has it’s own Instagram page and I hope you get a chance to visit and follow us.  The page is currently in its nymphal stage but I see a lot of potential for it to help the club share our stoke of everything fly fishing with each other and future members alike.

If you have input on this tool, I welcome the feedback!  Looking forward to getting to know you all better especially on the water, Jerry McKeon