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Updated 2022 Dues Membership

by Bob


We are on schedule to meet our membership dues budget and are hoping for additional donations in order to offset the loss from our annual fundraiser dinner. At the end of December 150 members have renewed their 2022 dues membership.  In addition donations of $2,000 have exceeded the prior year by 50% and continues to grow with members support.

In February, we will have final 2021 revenue and expense figures and update our 2022 Budget.  We still have 25 members who have not renewed and we will accept renewals at the January BBQ and for the balance of January.  Email reminders will be sent in early January.

For those that have already renewed and donated online, THANK YOU


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Help Lead a Fishout in 2022

by John cook — fishmaster chairman

The club has had a great variety of Fishouts over the years. It’s planning time for 2022 and I’m encouraging you to think about planning one. It can be very simple or involved. And as fishmaster chairman, I’m here to help you with the decision to do one, choosing a plan, and guide you on how to organize the outing.
If you are hesitant, I would encourage something very simple. For example: making an announcement in the newsletter that includes, place, date and time, your name and contact info as fishmaster, type of fishing and equipment needed. Make it so sign ups are not needed, everyone is on their own for food and any fees required.
There is no need for you to be an expert in fishing that area and it is understood that you are not guaranteeing how good the fishing will be. It’s important to acquire basic information ahead of time, such as, how to get there, approximate driving time, any entrance fees, equipment inspections, PDF requirements, etc.

Please consider stepping up this year and help provide the opportunity for us to get together, have fun, find out about a new place to fish and the fishery, and learn from others. I’m waiting for your phone call. Please do call.
John Cook — fishmaster chairman.  (831)688-1561.                 (831)234-6515

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Thank you for the 90 members who have paid dues online

by Bob Peterson

90 members have renewed 2021 dues for a total of $4,500 including $1,200 in donations averaging $50/member.

100 membership renewal letters have been mailed out to those members who have not yet responded. Deadline to be included in the 2022 roster is Dec 31st. Member names who have not responded will be deleted from the roster and Googlegroups.

We are on schedule to meet our membership dues budget and are hoping for additional donations in order to offset the $4,500 loss from our annual fundraiser dinner not being held for 2 years. With additional member contributions we could double our High School scholarships from $200 to $400/student, maintain our conservation project funding, and pay to restore the County Steelhead plaque on the San Lorenzo River damaged by vandalism with matching funds.

For those that have already renewed and donated online, THANK YOU

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SCFF logo wear on sale for Christmas

Just in time for Christmas, we are discounting some SCFF logo wear.  This offer is only good if you are willing to pick up the items in the Aptos area.   Take  a look int the Santa Cruz Fly Fishing Store..  After you purchase, you will coordinate a pick up place and time with Kevin Murdock.

SCCF Logo Tumbler$28.00 $22.00
Trout Logo T-Shirt$30.00 $25.00
Trout Logo Embroidered Hats$33.00 $25.00

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2022 Membership Renewal Oct/Nov/Online

by Bob Peterson

To date we have 170 members on the roster including 40 new online members since 2021 , which is almost 25% of the membership.  For Oct and November we would like to encourage members to renew online at which has proven to be more efficient, accurate, and cost effective offsetting postage and printing costs.  Members can still renew by check mailed to PO Box 2008, Santa Cruz, Calif 95023.  In December, a renewal packet will be sent to those members who have not renewed online…last year over 50% of members renewed online. For those new members after July 1, 2021, will not need to renew for 2022.

Please contact me if you have questions or membership concerns…

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A gift suggestion

Its just about that time when my loved ones say, “I don’t know what to get him, he buys all the fishing stuff he wants when he wants.”

Maybe a hint would be for to look at the items from the Santa Cruz Fly Fishing Store.  For your holiday shopping, we are going to set up pickup in Aptos for the items.  After you purchase, you will coordinate a pick up place and time with Kevin Murdock.

Or maybe if you can’t wait until Christmas, just buy some stuff yourself.

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by MIchael McGannon

Here are my notes with some of the fishing photography tips that pro photographer Brian O’Keefe shared at our June 2, 2021 SCFF meeting

He recommends the iPhone 11 or 12 to meet all of our fish pic needs. Specific notes regarding the use of those cameras are at the end of this piece.

  • For a “Magazine Cover” format, keep the LENS AT FISH EYE LEVEL by the water surface, with the FISH HEAD ANGLED SLIGHTLY TOWARD THE CAMERA .
  • With TOOTHY FISH, pics especially good with its head angled well toward the camera.
  • Nice to show the ROD/TACKLE HELD NATURALLY, NOT over your shoulder, in your mouth, etc.
  • Pics of FLIES are fun.
  • Try getting UP HIGH. Stop the car for a good shot! Pics from a LOW DOWN angle are also especially good.
  • Look for pics of CURVES IN THE RIVER, with the FOREGROUND IN FOCUS.
  • To take a pic of your buddy DON’T SAY “WAIT”, SAY “KEEP FISHING!”
  • BACKLIT SHOTS ARE GREAT, lighting up the net, the fish’s tail, etc.
  • Avoid the “BORING BULLSEYE” with your subject centered in the photo.
  • ”30 SECOND RULE”: Take a bit of time to move to the spot with the best composition, background, light, etc.
  • FISHERMAN LOOKING AT THE FISH (rather than at the camera) respects the fish.
  • Showing JUST THE HEAD OF THE FISH is good.
  • With SUPER SHINY FISH, FIND SHADE to show the scale detail.
  • With SILVERY FISH try bending fish at different angles to decrease reflection.
  • Showing DRIPPING is good!
  • ”THE HONORABLE BLUR” shows a moving fish.
  • OK to hold BASS a bit out of the water, best just out at the surface, but KEEP YOUR ARM BEHIND.
  • BTW: SHOTS LOOKING DOWN AT THE FISH BY SHORE SHOW all the MUD aroused in the water.
  • On BRIGHT SUNNY DAY with the fisher’s face in shadow use FILL FLASH.
  • Tell people to LOOK HAPPY! SHOW THE MOMENT!
  • THROW IN SOME COLOR: shore foliage, etc.
  • Show what fish eat!
  • For SHALLOW DEPTH OF FIELD (flower shots, bugs, etc) use PORTRAIT MODE.
  • BIG COLOR is great to capture when present.


  • He recommends the iPhone 11 or 12.
  • Also good is Olympus T6-4 MP Olympus Tough, waterproof with 3” LCD, about $575. Both this and the above iPhones have excellent Macro ability.
  • Good distance shots however require a pro camera with telephoto lens.


  •  The VOLUME button can operate the SHUTTER.
  •  In PANO mode he seldom uses the whole range, often just 1/2 or 2/3 of the range.
  •  3 colored dots in the upper right corner indicate FILTERS. These can be used before or after a shot. Be sure to SAVE THE ORIGINAL before trying various filters.
  • PORTRAIT MODE blurs out all but the subject. He especially likes STAGE LIGHT MONO setting.
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Reminder: Palm Beach Oct. 2- where are the Palms?

by Sam Bishop - Salty Fishmaster

Saturday, October 2, Palm Beach – 0630 am

The Forebay fish-out Stosh organized is the second weekend of October, so I have moved our surf fish-out to the first Saturday in October (2nd) so everyone can participate in both.

Sunrise is at 07:04 and we will meet at 0640. High tide (+4.2’) is at 09:17, so we will fish a flood tide. Some people believe this is the best tide as the fish will be coming in to feed on critters untouched in the sand for several hours. I can’t personally say one way or the other, as I have caught fish in the surf at all stages of tide. It seems to be more a case of whether or not they see what I am offering and are they biting it?

I will have flies (free), stripping baskets ($20 to the Club) and brand new wading belts ($10 to repay my cost) available.

Getting there: Take West Beach out of Watsonville all the way towards the ocean until you are mired in the sand. You went just a bit too far, so back up your 4WD about 100 feet and park on the right under the Eucalyptus trees that drip and stain your vehicle when they are wet. (Hint: Wash it off right away when you get home.)

BTW, I like the State Beaches, because when you are done, there is a shower nearby to wash the sand off your waders and salt off your gear before heading home.

This is our last “organized” surf fish-out for 2021.  Last month most everyone caught fish or had hook-ups. Let’s do it again!

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Reminder: FishOut for striped bass Oct 7-10 O’Neill ForeBay

by Stosh

Last reminder for our annual FishOut at Medeiros Campground, O’Neill ForeBay. (we camp just west of the power lines in a group site with  4 or 5 separate campsites near each other. Look for our club banner and lots of float tubes on the shore or out fishing.  Bring all float tube stuff,  #7 or #8 wt rods with fast sinking line. Tie a short 6′ leader of 14-17 lb. test fluorocarbon which sinks better than Monofilament lines and has no stretch which makes better hook sets.   We hope to have more flies for sale or bring your own clauser minnows with hook sizes #1, 1-0 and 2-0 and pinch the barbs for safety.

This is a remote style camping spot, we have 1 vault style toilet that is kept clean and there is no water available.  Campers be sure to bring all the gear you need.  There is a store about a mile away to get ice, beer etc.  If this is your first time and need more info, call me at 831 462 4532 or email me at  Anyone wanting to order flies, do this ASAP so I can get an order in, they will be $5. each.

Hope to see you there and lets hope for good weather and especially, good fishing.   


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Invitation for new members to try Striper fishing

by Scott Kitayama

Last year was the first time I ever caught a Striper on a fly and the first time I ever fished the O’Neill Forebay.   I didn’t know many people in the club, tried fishing the Forebay on my own and wasn’t very successful.   One reason I joined the club’s board was to selfishly meet people who would teach me how to fish the Forebay and other places.  It worked.  Now I would like to help other club members who would like to Striper fish this fall.

Over 30 new members have joined in the past year and if a new member (or old member) wants to try and fish the O’Neill Forebay during October 7-10 or November 4-7  fishout, send an email at     For those busy with family and work, a half-day will still be a good experience.  Send me a note even if you don’t have a float tube or heavy rod and I’ll try and help you find equipment and someone experienced to fish with you.

Oh and by the way, you can always learn to fish by calling Tom to join the board, that works too.  😉

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The Annual John Steele Award

by V/P K Murdock

While summer is in full swing, now is the time to take note of the help you receive on your flyfishing journey. Freeze in your mind each act, and then nominate the perpetrator for this year’s John Steele Award. Our Annual B-B-Q at the Sherriff’s Possee House would be a great place to drop off a ballot. Or just e-mail me at

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Casting Classes

mobile scrollable table 

Casting ClassDateInstructor
‘Pick-up and Lay-down’ CastingAugust 25, 2021Mark Trougott – Casting Intructor
‘Review and Advanced’ CastingSeptember 22, 2021Mark Trougott – Casting Intructor

Aug 25 10:00 AM : ‘Pick-up and Lay-down’ Casting

'Pick-up and Lay-down' Casting

Fishmaster: Mark Trougott – Casting Intructor

We had a very successful first class on July 28. Four club members, all experienced casters, attended, and we spent the full two hours working on perfecting the mechanics of the roll cast. The riverside site can comfortably accommodate up to six casters. In order to prevent any chance of overcrowding, I will maintain a sign-up list for future classes. If you would like to participate, send me an email at, or call and leave a message at (831) 338-6056. I will send an email message providing all necessary details to those who sign up.

The August casting class will focus on the Pick-up and Lay-down (PULD) cast. This is the foundation for all overhead fly casting. This lesson will be geared primarily to beginner and novice fly casters, so no prior casting experience is assumed (though the ability to do a basic roll cast would be helpful.) The class will take place in Boulder Creek at 10 AM on Wednesday, August 25. This month’s general lesson plan is to conduct a very brief review of the roll cast (for those who attended the July class) followed by a systematic examination of the steps involved in a simple PULD cast. Time permitting, we will also cover the off-side PULD and false casting. Participants should plan to bring the rod of their choice, a matching reel, and a floating line (or contact me to see if I can arrange for loaner equipment.)

Sep 22 10:00 AM : ‘Review and Advanced’ Casting

'Review and Advanced' Casting
Fishmaster: Mark Trougott – Casting Intructor

Beginning in September, my intention is to continue to devote the first half of the two-hour session to touching up novice casters’ mastery of the roll cast and PULD; and to orient the second hour to more advanced techniques appropriate for SCFF members who are experienced casters. Examples of this last sort of topic might include presentation casts (reach mends and curve casts that present the fly without spooking the fish); slipping line and hauling (single and double); or loop control (how and why to throw wide and narrow loops). If you have a specific topic in mind, please let me know by mid-August so I can incorporate the most frequently requested techniques into a lesson plan for the second hour of the September session.

The riverside site can comfortably accommodate up to six casters. In order to prevent any chance of overcrowding, I will maintain a sign-up list for future classes. If you would like to participate, send me an email at, or call and leave a message at (831) 338-6056. I will send an email message providing all necessary details to those who sign up.

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2021 Membership Rosters available

by 2021 Membership Rosters available

Membership Rosters are now available by email request, or can be picked up on August 4th at the Sherriff Posse BBQ first monthly meeting of the year @ 1227 Ocean St Ext. Should you not be able to attend, or would like an electronic version, please send me an email @
I would also like to thank Carly Blanchard for her technical assistance in formatting the Roster for final printing by Community Printing.

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Beginner’s Roll Cast Instruction

by Mark Traugott

Image from

Beginner and novice fly casters who are interested in instruction in the roll cast, one of two foundational techniques in fly casting, should plan on attending a lesson that will take place in Boulder Creek at 10 AM on Wednesday, July 28. If you would like to participate, please contact me at 831-338-6056 or via email at so that I can sign you up, give you directions, and discuss any equipment issues. The plan for July is for one hour of systematic group instruction followed by an additional hour of general practice and socializing. I am presuming that most participants will have their own rod, reel, and floating line. (A loaner rod or two may be available for those who do not have their own.) If there is sufficient interest, we could follow up in August with a similar session devoted to the “Pick-up and Lay-down” or basic overhead cast. More specialized techniques for experienced casters could become the focus of future sessions. It all depends on the level of member interest, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and let me know if you would like to participate.

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Backstory on what inspired this month’s cartoon

by Pat Steele

A little backstory on what inspired this particular cartoon:

* August 2-6 – Missouri River – Pat and John Steele
John and I hadn’t made long range plans for this trip, but fellow SCFF member Bob Peterson raved so much about how well the Missouri was fishing that we jumped on a plane and went. Bob was right, the rainbows were fat, feisty and hungry. We didn’t have any top-water dry fly action, (fishing was all subsurface with a sow bug and some little purple thing called a “two-bit hooker”) but what we did have was epic. There was no trouble catching fish, the problem was in landing them on teeny tiny hooks. I had to learn to keep my paws off the reel and just let them jump, gator-roll, head-shake and do all their shenanigans until they tired out enough for me to land them without breaking them off. We did the first day on the lake at Holter dam, the so-called “Land of the Giants”, and Captain John Hall and his jet-propelled boat put us onto more big fish than we had ever caught in one day.

The second day, we launched from Craig and did a river trip. Along about 11 AM, John had hooked a nice big rainbow, was bringing it up to the surface, when we felt wings flap over our heads, from the stern of the boat, and to our absolute amazement, saw an eagle snatch the hooked fish, line and all, and fly off with it! The eagle broke the fish off, flew with it up onto some old, unused railroad tracks, proceeded to stomp and peck at it to subdue it, then flew up into the cliffs above, to share it with some eaglets that were nested up there. I was too stunned to take photos or video of the event. Later, when we met with our outfitter, Ed Lawrence, he told us that the eagle is a repeat offender, that other people fishing at that very spot, have experienced the same theft. There is even a video on YouTube featuring the thieving eagle. For a short, unplanned trip, this junket proved to be productive, enjoyable, and surprising!

P.S.-On August 5th, the Mann Gulch Fire, which happened in 1949, was commemorated at the lake. Thirteen smokejumpers lost their lives in it, and there is a memorial to them at the lake. The story is told in a book, “Young Men and Fire”, by Norman McClean, who also wrote “A River Runs Through It.” It is a riveting, tragic tale, and anyone who visits this area should read the book.


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Reminder to submit photos

by Jerry Mckeon, Social Media Manager

Hello fellow anglers. I hope you are doing well and have some fishing trips on the calendar. I hope your lines are tight, and your net is heavy. Hopefully you will be inspired by our speaker, Bill OKeefe, and want to show the world your much-improved fish picture. Let us help you share it with the world by emailing it to me at or text it to 831-588-4759,

If you have lots of pictures, give me a call and I can explain how to easily upload a lot of pictures.

Thanks! Jerry McKeon

Date:  May 8

Time:  2 pm

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Casting practice at Jade Park 2 pm – May 8th

Stosh (Steve Rudzinski) will hosting a social casting practice at Jade Park in Capitola on Saturday, May 8th.   There is no agenda, just be at Jade Park at 2 pm and stay as long as you would like. There will be novice casters and experienced casters to assist as desired.

We will have plenty of Club 5 weight rods there for practice too.

See you May 8th, 2 pm