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Joshua Wilkens fishing the Yuba with his dad

Me and my dad took a guided trip on the Yuba drifting near Timbuctoo. Caught a few trout and a few steelhead. On a size 8 yellowish stimulator, a few on smaller nymphs copper johns and my all time favorite nymph, Hogan’s S & M. We saw March browns hatch and pinkies I learned about I guess there are really salmon pink mayfly looking things. I enjoyed swinging as per always and caught some on a belly ache minnow fly which opposed to a bead head or dumbbell eyes the weight is a scud weight tied to belly.
Our guide was Chuck Ragan who was awesome. Chuck turned out to be best friends with Hogan Brown who is the creator of my ‘go to’ fly, Hogan’s S & M.