Date:  April 14

Time:  6:30pm

Place:  Zoom

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Deschutes Caddis

by Elaine Cook---fly tying chairman

Caddus are one of the primary food sources for trout. They hatch widely and there is a significant hatch on the Deschutes River in Oregon during the summer which has been described as magical.  Learning how to handle deer hair is important for fly tying and is incorporated twice in this fly. For you beginners, call me well ahead of time to work out how we can best assist you with vise, tools and information to get started. Everyone will need to call ahead to allow enough time for materials and directions to be assembled and for you to pick up at my home. ( about 2 days (831)688-1561 ) in addition to your tools, vise, and computer or tablet, you will need tan or brown 6/0 thread.