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Henryville Special

by Elaine Cook - fly tying chairman

This adult Caddis pattern is designed for moving water but also works in stillwater for trout. Apply floatant and allow a drag free drift.
HOOK: TMC 100 size 12-20.
Crimp barb.
THREAD: Olive 8/0.
Apply 1/3 back on shank. Wrap to rear of shank.
RIB: grizzly Hackle, barbs equal to hook gap.
Cut off fuzzy end. Stroke barbs so that they stand out sideways. Cut 5 to 6 short on each side of the stem forming a “crew cut”.
Tie in “crew cut “ to rear of shank with dull side toward you and tip to the rear.
BODY: light olive super fine dubbing
Dub a cigar shaped body 2/3 forward on shank. Palmer grizzly forward in about four wraps. Tie off, cut excess. Cut off tops of
barbs at an angle leaving shorter stubs at head end.
UNDERWING: Lemon wood duck or mallard flank feather (well barred)
Even up tips of barbs and cut out 6–8. Tie in on top of shank, in front of body, with tips extending hook gap length beyond body.
Cut butt ends, tie down.
OVERWING: mallard wing quill. Light or medium gray. Seagull feathers also work. Some caddis are tan with modeled wings. So a    variety of birds can work. Do not use primary feathers. Select a soft feather with narrow barbs. Look for sections of feather that will form a nice taper (not to pointed or blunt) when one section is removed. See picture.
Prepare quill by spraying with clear, fast drying lacquer and allow to dry. Most authorities will recommend using two feathers, one from each side of the bird to have mirror image curves. If using flat quills, that isn’t necessary. Using a bodkin, separate two segments that are about hook gap wide at the stem end. Cut near stem. If tips are too pointed, trim to shape. Place one segment on each side with bottom edge of wing at shank level.  Tips  extending almost to end of underwing, and tips down. Use pinch method twice to tie in place
in front of body. Cut but ends, tie down. NOTE: The quail barbs will separate as you fish the fly. This will only make it more attractive to the fish.
HACKLE: Brown, barbs one and a half hook gap.
Prepare the same as grizzly hackle. Tie “crew cut”  to top of shank in front of wing with shiny side toward you and tip to the rear.
Wrap hackle forward, forcing thread as you go, with about 4 touching wraps up to one eye length behind eye.Tie off, cut excess.
Apply a small amount of glue to head.