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Klinkhamer ( modified )

by Elaine Cook – fly tying Sherman

This caddis is imitation represents the insect emerging from the water to become an adult. Its body hangs below the water surface, the thorax and lower hackle barbs in the surface film and the wing upright out of the water. Apply saliva to the body, floatant to remainder of the fly. I have modified this pattern to make it easier to tie smaller sizes, and not quite so complicated. If you wish to see the original version, check on YouTube.
HOOK: TMC 2487 or 200 R ,(original Partridge GRS 15 ST, which is hard to find ). Sizes 8-18. Crimp barb.
THREAD: 8/0 color to match body (grey, tan, or black).
Attached thread one eye length behind eye. Spiral wrap to rear of hook and partway around bend. Spiral wrap back up to two eye
lengths behind eye. Reposition hook in vice with tip upright.
WING (POST ): White, yellow, or orange spooled Antron
Stack two 1 inch long pieces of Antron. Position center on top of shank. Made two thread wraps. Hold all fibers upright. Make several wraps
around base,working up about 1/8 inch. then back to shank. This is called “posting “. Cut wing equal to hook gap.
HACKLE: dun, brown or chestnut , or black (depending on thread color )
Select hackle with barbs equal to 1 1/2 to 2 hook gaps. Prepare but end by cutting off fuzz , cut 6 to 8 barbs short on both sides of stem. This
is called a “crew cut”. Tie crew cut in at base of wing and post up about 1/8 inch. Dull side should face wing.
BODY: Gray, tan or brown, or black Super fine dubbing.
Dub a thin layer back to rear thread wraps. Then a thin tapered body up to wing.
THORAX: peacock hurl.
Select one or two strands depending on size of hook. Break off fragile tips. Tied in tips add base of wing. Make chenille out of hurl .
Position thread in front of post. Wrap chenille around base of post to make a thorax. Tie off, cut access.
HACKLE ( cont.).
Re-position thread in clockwise direction around base of wing and leave hanging on your side of hook. Wrap hackle around wing 3 to 4 times,
each wrap closer to thorax. Hold hackle tip down on your side, bring thread up parallel to table at shank level, make three clockwise
thread wraps around wing between barbs and thorax. Advance thread to eye. Wrap small head with half hitches. Tie off with half hitches,
cut thread, cut excess hackle feather. Trim any barbs that hang below shank.