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17 new members since Jan1 for total of 200 paid members

by By Bob Peterson Membership Director

17 new members have signed up as new members making our total paid membership in March at 200.  We continue to add new members. Historically, 2 new members every month, but for the last 2 1/2 months, the average has increased 3x to 6.4.  This  significant increase is due to online webpage activity with the support of Jerry McKeon/ Instagram Media Communication.  Members are reminded to send photos of recent fish pictures to Jerry at  Please welcome them to the club when you see them at meetings and outings. New Members include:

Jan 4 Jennifer SmallwoodJan 30 Clark CodigaFeb 23 Chloe Tinglof
Jan 7 Eick EtheringtonFeb 1 Carla and Cody HillMar 1 Nick Thelen
Jan 14 Rick and Linda ChaceFeb 7 Anthony GaughanMar 1 Allan Montebello
Jan 21 Bryan KerkoFeb 6 Mark BeckerstaffeMar 17 Colin Smith
Jan 21 Ron AntipaFeb 17 Rachel Reed /Sebastian HinkelMar 20 Steve Pryce
Jan 28 Art PresserFeb 18 Kris Krenz