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Parachute Ant with Orange Post

by Elaine Cook – fly, tying chairman

There are many ant patterns, most of which are hard to see on the surface of the water. Posting them makes them far easier to see, particularly if post is orange in color. Ant patterns are most effective mid summer on, and are more available to fish on windy days. Add floatant and fish with a drag free presentation. Good in still water as well.

HOOK: TMC 100 – sizes 12 to 16.
Crimp barb.
THREAD:  black 8/0.
Attach mid shank. Make a few wraps toward the rear.
BACK:   Orange spooled Antron.
Using about a 2 inch strand, attach to top of shank back to above barb.
REAR BODY: Black, superfine dubbing — black Sharpie marking pen.
Dub bulbous rear body up to mid shank. Pull Antron forward and tie down.
MID BODY: Antron, and black thread.
With touching wraps, attach Antron to top of shank up to 1/4 back on shank. If tying size 14 or 16 hooks, additional touching thread
wraps back to rear body, then forward again. Using Sharpie pen, darken Antron  over rear body.
POST: continuation of orange Antron.
Holding Antron upright, wrap, touching thread wraps around Antron in 5 to 6 wraps up, then down in 5 to 6 to shank. Make a
couple of wraps in front of post to hold it upright. Trim Antron equal to hook length.
HACKLE: grizzly equal to one and a half to 2 times hook gap.
Prepare hackle by cutting off fuzzy end, then cut about six barbs short on each side at bottom of stem. Place shiny side against shank, tip to rear, and cut barbs at base of post. Tie in place in front and behind post. Hold hackle upright, post upward with 4 to 5 wraps then back down again.
FORE-BODY: Black, super fine dubbing.
Dub a small fore-body from eye back to the middle of the mid body.
HACKLE  continued.
Reposition thread by wrapping around base of post. Start behind post and let thread hang in front of post on your side. Using
hackle pliers, wrap hackle around base of post about 3-4 times and leave hanging down from shank on your side. Bring the thread up in-front of hackle, parallel to table, and wrap around post through hackle 3 to 4 times. Half hitch 3 to 4 times behind eye. Cut thread. Cut excess hackle. Cut Antron so it is hook  shank length above shank. Push up on hackle barbs from beneath to be sure they are parallel to the table. Cut any that hang below.