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Thoughts on Mammoth

From Club Member, Brad Elliot:

If you want to have a fun and enjoyable trout fishing experience, signup for the next Mammoth Fishout. John and Elaine Cook host this wonderful experience. They have been fishing this area for many years and know all the places to go, flies to use etc. etc. This was my second year in this gorgeous area in the fall of the eastern Sierras. I am an avid float tuber and my buddy Mike Lovejoy and I enjoyed some wonderful days on the beautiful mountain lakes catching rainbows up to 20″. What fun! The food and conversation over cocktails in the evening just add to the great fishing during the day.

From Fish Master, John Cook:

Elaine and I have been doing this for many many years, more like decades, and each year we find it entirely different than the last. The variables include personalities, the weather, fishing conditions, water levels, Crowley conditions, hatches  etc. etc. etc. Even after all this time we love it and look forward to the next. And the best thing is, we always make some new friends. Hope you will be one of the anticipatory fishermen in 2024.

From Club Member, Scott Kitayama

Third year of going on the Mammoth fishing trip. My first two trips were primarily fishing lakes since the fishing was good, and the streams didn’t have much water. This year was exactly the opposite, the lakes were unfishable or I didn’t have much luck in them. However, the stream such as San Joaquin, Owens, Hot creek, McGee were all in good shape, and I had the chance to fish them with dry flies with John/Elaine Cook and Bob Garbarino . The weather was beautiful, Mammoth scenery is gorgeous, and small fish were willing to come up for flies. All in all it was a good trip and helped me learn how to be a better dry, fly fisherman.