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Loop Wing Leach (Dan’s Favorite leach pattern )

by Elaine, Cook – fly tying chairman

A simple fly to tie for trout in primarily still water. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it for largemouth bass or bluegill. Fishing the fly is most successful using a sinking line, a loop knot in your tippet and pulling with a short slow retrieve.

HOOK: TMC 5263 or other 3X long hook.
Crimp barb.
THREAD: 6/0 wine, maroon, rusty brown (or similar). Use black if tying a black leach.
Attached behind eye.
Touching wraps to rear of shank (Covering the shank is very important).
TAIL: marabou (Type without long pointed tips. Usually found at the side of the stem.) Burgundy or wine color. Black for black leech.
Cut a small bundle from the side of the stem.
Tie in butt ends in at rear of shank.
Cut excess short and tie down.
Pinch tips off so tail measures the length of the hook.
BODY: Semi-Seal dubbing. Arizona, Semi-Seal blood leach color  OR Troutman Enterprise, Semi-Seal bloody leach color.
While holding a small ball of fibers, hand stack them and  put aside.
Make a dubbing loop and lock thread together at top of loop.
Advanced thread to one eye length behind eye.
Insert sparse  amounts of  dubbing into loop, close loop, twist forming a chenille.
Wrap chenille forward using touching wraps, stroking fibers backward with each wrap, up to one eye length behind the eye.
Tie off, cut access.
Brush some of the fibers straight up, and some straight down.
Pinch the fly with your thumb and fore finger, then stroke all the fibers to the rear forming a narrow body.