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Hemingway caddis

by Elaine Cook - fly tying chairman

This adult caddis is very similar to a Henryville Caddis. The larger sizes can be used pretty much anywhere and particularly in the Rocky Mountains. The very small ones are great in tail waters and spring creeks. Apply floating before fishing. Using a light dun hackle and quill wing make the fly easier to see.
HOOK: TMC 100 SIZES 12 TO 18. (I also tie size 20).    Crimp bar.
THREAD: gray or olive, 6/0 for larger flies, 8/0 for medium, or 10/0  or 14/0 for small. Attached 1/3 back, wrap to rear of shank.
HACKLE: Dun barbs equal to one hook gap.
Remove any fuzz at end of feather. Cut five or six barbs short on each side of butt end of steam (crew cut). Tie in crewcut with dull side feather facing you, tip of feather to rear.

BODY:  gray or olive super fine dubbing: Gray muskrat fur can also be used.
Dub a cigar shaped body up to thread tie in. Palmer hackle forward in about five wraps. tie cut excess.
UNDERWING: Wood duck or mallard flank feather.
Lineup tips of barbs. Using the hook gap as a guide cut that many from the stem. Tie to top of shank with tips, extending hook gap length beyond rear of body.
WING: mallard quill feather or secondary feathers of other birds also work. Apply silicon to feather ahead of time which will help keep the barbs from separating. If they do when fishing, the fish still respond to the fly readily.
Using the hook gap as a guide, use a Bodkin to separate the barbs. Cut section nearest the stem straight across, then fold in half length wise and cut a diagonal notch. ( See diagram). Position butt end on top of body with tips extending hook gap beyond rear of body. Pinch wing in half length wise and tie in place with several wraps. Cut excess and tie down butt ends.
HACKLE: dun hackle. Size, prep, and tie in the same as above.
THORAX: Peacock hurl.
Cut barbs from stem. Approximately four for larger hooks, three for medium, and one or two for small flies. Tie in tips make, dubbing loop. Advance thread to one eye length behind eye. Make chenille with dubbing tool. Close wraps to one eye behind eye. Tie off cut excess. Palmer hackle forward to one eye length behind eye. Tie off cut access. With finish. Apply glue to tie off threads.