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Fishout Update

by John Cook - Fishout organizer

Some information regarding our fishouts that are being impacted by covid-19. Be sure to also refer to the Fishout schedule and article about each individual Fishout.

1. The Green River has been canceled.

2. For surf fishouts it is easy to maintain social distancing and wear a mask.    ALSO: details about surf fishing can be found by going to the navy blue bar at the top, tap EDUCATION, then tap SURF FISHING INFORMATION.

3. The Loreto trip is still scheduled but, Rich will be making a decision around June 1st about the ability to continue with plans or cancel. Check with Rich Hewett (831)757-5709.

4. For Mammoth fishouts sign ups can still be made until accommodations are filled up until Sept. 1st. If it’s necessary to cancle, money will be refunded.

5. The Forbay fishouts should be another outing where social distancing and masks could be adhered to.

Be careful, stay safe.