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Bird’s Nest

by Elaine Cook--Fly Tying Chairman

Hook: Mustad 3906 or TMC 3769 (substitution , TMC 5262). Sizes 12-16

Thread: black 6/0, but I prefer 8/0

Rib: small gold wire

Tail: lemon wood duck flank feathers

Abdomen: Australian possum dubbing ( substitution,  grey rabbit dubbing )

Legs: same as tail

Thorax: same as abdomen

1. Attach thread 1/3 back on shank.

2. Position wire under shank. Wrap in place to rear of shank. NOTE: wire under shank prevents it from repositioning tail when spiraling it forward.

3. Line up tips of feather out to side of stem. Cut about 8 from stem. Tie to top of shank, tips extending about 2/3’s shank length beyond shank. Cut excess mid shank.

4. Dub a slightly tapered body 2/3’s shank forward.

5. Spiral rib forward in about 5 wraps. Tie off. Twist wire to break. NOTE: wire dulls scissors.

6. Using one feather, line up tips just beyond rear of hook. Fold feather around hook shank. Tie in place with a couple wraps. Check to see if barbs extend backward all the way around shank. Make a couple more thread wraps. Cut excess.

7. Using dubbing loop, wrap a generous fuzzy thorax.

8. Holding fuzz back, wrap a sm. thread head. Tie off. Cut excess.