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Step right up to the raffle ticket bar!

by Jeff Goyert



Say what? How many of us have a Fish Whistle? How many of us even know what a Fish Whistle is? Well, I gotta say Simms makes a great one! (Go ahead, Google it).

This  kit has a nice descreat little pipe with screen, a Bic Sparky, and an eighth ounce waterproof stash cup. Note: organic green vegetable cuttings not included. It is perfect when things get slow; just take a break and whistle up some fish. It may not bring on a hatch but you probably won’t care.

Consult local regulations concerning “whistling”.


I am neatly at a loss for words when I look at this box of Pyramid lake flies. There is a total of 36 beauties, tied by Gary Turri and donated by Matt Maulin, half are buggers and beetles along with half nymphs and midges. Whether you’re a milti-season veteran or first time greenie to the land of the Giants, this box of flies does it all. Don’t miss out on this collection,  this box belongs in your vest.


New to the sport and need an all around “go to” rod and reel or need a backup spare to keep in the truck for emergencies?  This Adamsbuilt, out of Fallon Nv, package is perfect for you. It is a 9 ft 4 section 5 wt rod with a MMH reel pre-loaded with backing, a floating line, and leader. This is all contained in a hard  rod and reel tube case. This package is ready to fish.

Raffle tickets are $1 each sold in packets of 5. Spend $20 bucks and get 25 tickets. Please indicate to which prize your tickets should be applied. Ticket sale purchases must be made by noon of the day of the monthly meeting (February 3rd, 2021). NEED NOT BE PRESENT AT THE ZOOM MEETING TO WIN. Click on the following link to purchase tickets.