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November Raffle

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean we all pack away our gear, there are still a lot of opportunities out there to enjoy. Take a look at this neat stuff we have this month. This month lucky winners have chance to win a “Salmon Fly” Spey rod, a choice between two heavy-duty Adamsbuilt bags, and a Maxcatch fly fishing vest.

The ticket sales are open and close at noon the day of the meeting (11/2). 

Click on this link to purchase tickets:

Tickets are a dollar each, $20 bucks get you 25. The drawing of tickets will take place at the monthly meeting. Club membership is not required to participate, need not be present to win.

Support your club, buy a raffle ticket!

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October Raffle

End of Summer Raffle! This month we have three great prizes. Winners get the choice of a 4-piece 9-foot rod & reel set (5 WT, 6WT, or & WT), hand-tied striper flies by Lee Haskin (Perfect for the Forebay), or a set of Motorola Walkie-Talkie units with batteries included!

The ticket sales are open and close at noon 10/5 the day of the meeting. 

Click on this link to purchase tickets:

Tickets are a dollar each, $20 bucks get you 25. The drawing of tickets will take place at the monthly meeting. Club membership is not required to participate, need not be present to win.

Support your club, buy a raffle ticket!

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September Fly Club Raffle

This month’s lucky winners have a chance to win their choice of one of three rod and reel packages (5wt, 6wt, or 8wt) from our friends at Rajeff Sports, a heavy-duty folding chair (local pick-up only), or a collapsible walking staff.

The ticket sales office opens on the Sunday before the meeting(9/4) at noon. Click on the following link: – Tickets are a buck each, $20 gets you 25.

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by Jeff Goyert - Raffle Chairman

No rods, no reels, no bottles of questionable booze; this month’s raffle is all fly tying materials. Our queen of fly tying, Elaine Cook, waded through thousands of dollars worth of new donated materials to come up with eight different treasure bags stuffed with hundreds of dollars worth of quality tying materials as follows:

Bag 1 Nymphs
Bag 2 Drys
Bag 3 Terrestrials
Bag 4 Buggers/Streamers
Bag 5 Small flies
Bag 6 Ocean/Surf
Bag 7 Stripers
Bag 8 Beginners

Ticket purchasers should designate which Bag they wish to have their tickets applied toward. The more tickets purchased, the better your chances are to win. I really gotta’ say, this is some nice stuff!

To purchase tickets, click on this link:

Raffle tickets go for a dollar each, $20 bucks gets you 25. Ticket office is open  and closes at noon on the day of the meeting
(Wednesday 8/3). Tickets will also be available at the door the night of the meeting/BBQ/swap meet. Need not be a member to participate or be present to win.
Questions? Call or text Jeff at  831-234-0033

Great door prize/everybody attending gets a free ticket:    $50 gift card from the The Fly Shop in Redding.

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June Raffle


As they say “June is busting out all over” and we say it’s time to get serious about fly fishing!  To that end we have some great raffle prizes up for grabs.

How about a little change up in your game with your choice between two speciality rods.
     How about a Spey rod to spice things up a bit? Think swinging flies on big Steelhead waters! This SalmonFly rod is 13ft 7in and rated as a 9/10 weight.
     Plan B,  an Intouch competition 10ft 6in euro-nymph rod in 3 weight. Perfect for our Sierra trout streams
The winning ticket holder gets their pick.
Everybody needs an extra reel loaded with maybe an intermediate line or maybe a full sink line or some other specialty line that is needed to save the day. This Sougayilang machined aluminium reel in 5/6 weight will fill the bill. It is light weight with a large arbor and can be set up with either right or left hand retrieve.
Like the old TV commercial used to say”don’t go out without it”, don’t go wading on any of our trout streams without a sturdy wading staff. This ‘third leg’ not only helps keep you upright in the slippery rock streams, it also makes it easier to scramble down the bank to get to the stream. This collapsible staff comes with both a quiet rubber tip as well as a soft bottom basket tip along with a carabiner clip and neoprene belt sheath.
The fine print:
Raffle tickets are available for sale online up until noon on the day of the meeting June 1st.  Click on this link to purchase tickets:
Tickets cost one dollar each, 20 bucks get you 25 tickets. The raffle will be held at the June 1st meeting at the Grange Hall in Aptos.  Club membership not required, need not be present to win.
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In person raffle and door prizes

GOOD NEWS: Big club fishout at Pyramid Lake the first week in April. ?
BAD NEWS: There will be no online raffle Prior to the April meeting.?
HOWEVER: There will be a raffle, and door prizes, at the April 6 meeting held at the Aptos Grange starting at 6:30 pm.?

Take a look at these great raffle prizes.

Let’s start with 200 plus pages of beautiful trout artwork by world renounded artist James Prosek. His famous work “Trout of the World” deserves a special spot on any fly fisher’s book shelf.

Next take a look at this custom wood laminated release net. Perfect size for serious trout and Black bass as well as school sized stripers. Low visibility soft vinyl netting is gentle on the catch. Included is a magnetic release and a carbineer clipped tether cord.

Classic is a word that comes to mind when describing this St.Croix “Triumph” rod. It is a 4 weght eight foot medium/fast action 4 piece rod perfect for small stream trout. It is match with a Sougayilang CNC machined aluminum alloy reel for light weight and balance.

Great prizes to win, come to the meeting and buy some tickets; ones dollar each, twenty bucks gets you 25.

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March Raffle Prizes

Whether you’re throwing midges under an indicator or stripping Beetles along the bottom you will need some serious gear to do battle with the monster trout of Pyramid lake.

Either a 9 foot 8 WT Echo ION XL 4 piece rod or a bit heftier 9’8″ 9 WT G.Loomis IM6 2 piece rod.
The matching Katuysha 6071-T6 aluminum alloy reel is corrosion resistant and has a large arbor for increased backing capacity and a fast retrieve.
Speaking of Beetles and Midges, take a look at these Pyramid lake beauties. We have a dozen Beetles and 16 midges packaged up in a pocket size Adamsbuilt two sided case. Keep them handy in your shirt pocket to save yourself a trip off the ladder back to your truck when you need to re-rig. Proven Lahontan Cutthroat winners.
A great new book by John Gierach: “Dumb Luck and the Kindness of Strangers”? It is a great collection of short stories, there is even one about Pyramid lake! A book like this is also great for those dark winner nights that are too cold to walk to the bar.

The online ticket sales are available and will close at noon on Wed. March 2nd. Tickets are a dollar each. 20 bucks get you twenty five. Click on this link to purchase tickets:

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Great choices for the February Raffle

Two good things about February, first we are nearly through winter with spring not too far off and second, it’s time to win some new gear for the upcoming season! Our raffle this month is designed to help us get on with it.

Rod and reel package
What would be better to get started this spring than a brand new 5 WT 9 ft high carbon max catch rod in a hard denier case matched with a aluminum alloy Sougayilang reel. A classic California trout outfit perfect for all skill levels.
Be a winner, buy a ticket!

Fly Box Case
We all might need to spend a little time in our gear bags organizing our varied and numerous flies. To help with this endeavor we have, from Adamsbuilt, four Super Slim Series fly boxes along with a fully padded denier textured nylon carry case. Perfect way to keep track of and access hundreds of flies.
Be a winner,buy a ticket!

Fish Whistle
Back by popular demand, we have a Simms Fish Whistle up for grabs. Tried and true, this gem will save the day when the fishing gets tough. Kit includes papers, whistle, Bic, and waterproof stash container. (Stash not included). All contained in a hard zippered cordura mini pack with carabiner clip. Endorsed by fishing guides coast to coast.  Be a winner, buy a ticket!

Raffle tickets are a dollar each sold in blocks of five, twenty bucks gets you 25 tickets. Click on this link to purchase tickets:

Club membership not required to purchase tickets, need not be present at Zoom meeting to win. Ticket sales will open at noon on Sunday 1/30/22 and will close at noon on Wednesday, the day of the monthly zoom meeting, 2/2/22.

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by Jeff goyert

Buy your tickets from home or buy them at the Posse Grounds BBQ meeting. Or both!
To celebrate our first “in person” meeting in many moons, we have a bunch of choices for our lucky raffle winners.

  1. Look at these rod and reel packages:
    2 Spey rods, one 7/8 wt and one 9/10 wt.
    3 BlackStar high carbon 9 ft rods in 4wt, 5wt. or 8wt. The winning ticket holder gets their choice of any one of the five rod and reel packages!
  2. If you are going to land a fish you are going to need a net, you pick the right one for you.
    How about a classic wooden handle net to be hang from the back of your vest?
    Maybe a long handled wooden net for your float tube, pontoon boat, or kayak.
    We also have the perfect Pyramid Lake net that you really gotta have to land that trout of a lifetime when you are fishing for the big boys.
    3 to choose from, the winner gets to pick!
  3. What better prize than a box of flies?
    We have boxes of flies donated by Matt Maurin that are up for grabs. Leaches. Steamers, and hoppers; take your pick.
    We also have a box of Pyramid Lake midges and beetles along with a Clear Lake crappie/bass rig.
    Be a winner, take your pick!

How do I win? Easy. Just buy tickets!   There will be 3 chances to win!
Tickets are a dollar each sold in blocks of five, Twenty bucks gets you 25 tickets.
Tickets will be available starting at noon on Saturday January 1st. Click on:
The cutoff to purchase tickets will be at noon the day of the January meeting Wednesday 1/5/22.
Tickets will also be available that evening at the meeting. Need not be present to win.

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Door Prizes in December!

by Jeff Goyert

Everyone who attends the December Fly Club zoom meeting get a free ticket to the monthly door prize drawing.
We have some neat stuff, keep it yourself or use it for fly buddy stocking stuffers.

  1. The FirstAid kit is not intended for major surgery but will come in handy for cuts, bruises, and other minor medical mishaps that might be encountered during a fly fishing adventure.
  2. The four function Coghlan’s has a compass, magnifier, thermometer, and whistle. Great on the the back trails or on your float tube on the water.
  3. How about a National Geographic trail topographic map for the Merced and the Tuolumne river? Great for planning and executing a fly fishing back pack trip.

These prizes are all from the new REI store that has opened up in Santa Cruz across from Dominican Hospital. Great place, check it out .  Gift receipts are included if you would like to swap out the prize for some other treat.

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Meeting Raffle Prizes

We have some great door prizes for lucky meeting attendees. Take a look! A really cool Trout Unlimited sling pack to carry all your goodies, An Adamsbuilt wader safety belt, great for you or for your fishing partner if they forget theirs, and a pair of lucky fishing socks, who doesn’t need a little extra luck.

No tickets to buy, just show up at the Zoom meeting.

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Great Door Prize for October meeting

by Jeff Goyert

Just in time for the Forebay Fishout we have got a couple of door prize boxes of Striper flies tied  by the master of the Forebay; Lee Haskin. These works of art donated by Lee are the gold standard of Forebay striper flies. Each box has two San Luis Smelt patterns and two topwaters gurglers.
“How do I win?” you ask, just show up at the October zoom meeting. Everybody attending the zoom meeting will get a free door prize ticket. Winners must be in attendance at the meeting.
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September Door Prize

by Jeff Goyert

Just when we thought things would be back to normal, the Covid crud creeps back into our lives. Kind of like when you spend an inordinate time painstakingly tying up the perfect indicator drift rig with multiple flies, split shot, and tippit only to have the whole mess tangled hopelessly fifteen feet off the ground on your first cast in the only tree within a quarter of you.

Anyway, we have the good news that we will have some great door prizes at the September Zoom meeting, everybody attending will get a free ticket!

We are in the process of revamping our regular monthly raffle to make it bigger and better when we start up our in person meetings. Stay tuned.

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Photo Raffle – drawing 9/1 at Sept SCFF Meeting

by Jerry McKeon

Instagram is going well and many thanks to those who have provided photos/videos. It’s been fun connecting in new ways and we have helped sign up 30 new members so far this year. Many of our new members listed “social media” as the way they found us. As you know, healthy membership sign ups bodes well for the club’s success so on behalf of SCFF, THANK YOU!

If you’re new to the club, welcome! You can find us on Instagram at SantaCruzFlyFishing or you can view that same content on our website

With another season coming to an end, I’m asking for your help by sending me some of your favorite fishing photos/videos. For our next meeting on September 1st I’m going to raffle off a waterproof fly-box with a dozen trout flies.

How to get a raffle ticket:

  • Each fishing photo you e-mail or text me earns you a raffle ticket
  • Must be sent by 3pm Sept 1st
  • 10 photos or videos maximum
  • Email to or text me at (831)-588-4759 
  • Please include a brief description
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Future Raffle Goodies

Even though we have no meeting in July, I thought I would give a little tease of things to come in the way of raffle prizes. As you can see in the photo,  it looks like I have the makings of  small fly shop with all the prizes that I have stashed away; rods, reels, flies, nets, fly boxes and gear bags. On top of that, we’ve got the new John Gierach book,  a Simms fish whistle, and a  certificate for a Humble Heron guided fishing trip. Wow, lots of cool stuff.

The raffles will start up again with the September meeting both on-line and in-person at the actual meeting. Remember two things: the club really appreciates your support and to win, all you need to do is buy the lucky ticket.
Questions,  comments,  or suggestions are always welcome.
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Great choices for the June Raffle

June is the time of year, this year for sure, that we fly fishers get serious about spending some serious time on the water. It is time to get out of the house and visit our favorite lakes and streams.  How about we do that with some new gear?

Who among us can’t use a new rod and reel? Something to fill in a blank spot in our quiver, something as a back up to stash away in the back of the truck, or maybe a gift for someone new to the sport.   The lucky winner with the lucky raffle ticket will have their choice of a four piece, 9 foot high carbon rod with matching reel in either 4wt, 5wt, 6wt, or 8wt. The winner picks!
All the rods include a cloth case inside a zippered cordura hard case and a protective cloth reel sack. The 8wt has a nice little fighting butt, perfect for Pyramid Lake or San Luis reservoir.

Unbelievable! Need to to give your heart a jump start? Just open this box of flies donated by Matt Maurin. 60 beautiful flies; Elk hair Cadis, midges, Pheasant Tails, and more. Wow, got to be $150 worth of flies in a really cool Santa Cruz Fly Club box. Don’t miss out on this one.

THINK SAFE PFD   Life Preserver
If you spend any time on the water, be it float tube, kayak, or pontoon boat, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and WEAR A PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE! Don’t have one? Buy a raffle ticket and win one! This USCG approved Type III vest also has top flap and side entry gear pockets along with a D ring for accessory attachment. Constructed of durable nylon with large armholes and open neck for great range of movement.

Raffle tickets are a dollar each sold in blocks of five, twenty bucks gets you 25 tickets. Click on this link to purchase tickets:

Club membership not required to purchase tickets, need not be present at Zoom meeting to win. Ticket sales cutoff is noon June 2nd the day of the monthly meeting.

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Make May Your Month to Win Prizes!!

Five wt rod and reel with floating line and leader.
 This Adamsbuilt package includes a 9 foot 4 piece rod with matching reel ready to fish. Perfect for the new trout season. It comes in a cordura nylon covered hard tube case with reel pocket. It is a complete backup rig or is a perfect starter set for the new fly angler.
Custom Shad Flies 
Those in the know keep time available for Shad fishing in the month of May.
With that in mind we have two dozen custom Shad flies hand tied by Northern California river guide Bill Adelman.
These  proven producers have made there chops on the Sacramento, Yuba, and American River. Should be a good year for Shad, win this box of flies to make it great.
Klamath wet/dry bag by Adamsbuilt 
This heavy duty gear bag will hold everything from your wet waders to your dirty socks and everything in between. The heavy cordura nylon exterior and rugged molded bottom are up to the task of those long drives down the dusty bumpy back roads. The waterproof interior pockets keep everything dry when the rain pours down.
Now for the fine print:
Raffle tickets are sold for a dollar each in packs of five. Spend $20 dollars and get 25 tickets.  Click on this link to purchase tickets:
Need not be present to win, winners will be announced by email. Ticket sale cutoff is noon the day of the Club Zoom meeting (5/5).
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Let’s put the ‘Fly’ in Fly Fishing

by Raffle coordinator Jeff Goyert

How about a gift card ($100 bucks!) for fly tying stuff from the Fly Shop in Redding? Wow!! They have a huge selection of absolutely everything a fly tyer could dream of. Call them up or go online, it is truly a fly tying paradise.  Just like being a ‘kid in a candy store’.
Ok. Full disclosure.  The gift card is good for anything at the Fly Shop, just wanted to show a little love to the fly tying folks.

Now that you have tied up a bunch of new flies or maybe just did some organization of your old flies it would be great to have some boxes to stash them in.  Take a look at this neat package from Adamsbuilt of Fallon Nv.  Four individual clear lid boxes and a padded heavy duty zippered carry case. Great way to store hundreds of flies at your fingertips.

For those of you who just want to grab a box of flies and hit the road  take a look at this box of custom tied flies by John T. Kraschinsky.  They were donated by club member Matt Maulin and are beyond gorgeous.  There are a little over 2 dozen flies. Dry, nymphs, and a few midges. Beautifully presented in a custom Fly Club box.

Tickets are a dollar each, $20 bucks gets you 25 chances to win.  Need not be present at the Zoom meeting to win.
Click on this link to purchase tickets.

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by Jeff Goyert

Cameo and Brooks of Equinox Alaska are not only are putting on a great Zoom presentation about Southeast Alaska, they have donated a great box of custom tied steelhead flies and a really cool Equinox hat for our monthly raffle. Two important things to remember; don’t miss their presentation and make sure you buy a bunch of raffle tickets.

Another great raffle prize this month is an Echo 9 foot 4 wt rod. It is their 4 section Carbon XL model which includes a fabric soft case inside a zipper top hard storage tube. A matching Echo Ion large arbor disc drag reel is also included. This is a sweet package for our smaller waters that sometimes require a lighter touch and a bit of delicate finesse.

It is one thing to get your gear ready for an adventure, it is another thing is to have something to stow said gear in. Adamsbuilt gear puts out their Klamath wet/dry bag that has room for just about everything.  It has a rugged moulded waterproof bottom, velcro rod tube holder, waterproof interior compartment for waders and boots, five interior pockets, and a rugged padded shoulder strap. It has room for just about everything and feels right at home in the back of the float plane or your . wagon.

To buy your raffle tickets click on

Tickets are a dollar each, 20 bucks get you 25. You will be able to allocate your tickets toward each specific prize. Club membership is not required to purchase tickets, need not be present at the Zoom meeting to win.

Remember the words of that famous Fly Fisherman, Albert Einstein,  “the more tickets you buy, the more prizes you win”

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Step right up to the raffle ticket bar!

by Jeff Goyert



Say what? How many of us have a Fish Whistle? How many of us even know what a Fish Whistle is? Well, I gotta say Simms makes a great one! (Go ahead, Google it).

This  kit has a nice descreat little pipe with screen, a Bic Sparky, and an eighth ounce waterproof stash cup. Note: organic green vegetable cuttings not included. It is perfect when things get slow; just take a break and whistle up some fish. It may not bring on a hatch but you probably won’t care.

Consult local regulations concerning “whistling”.


I am neatly at a loss for words when I look at this box of Pyramid lake flies. There is a total of 36 beauties, tied by Gary Turri and donated by Matt Maulin, half are buggers and beetles along with half nymphs and midges. Whether you’re a milti-season veteran or first time greenie to the land of the Giants, this box of flies does it all. Don’t miss out on this collection,  this box belongs in your vest.


New to the sport and need an all around “go to” rod and reel or need a backup spare to keep in the truck for emergencies?  This Adamsbuilt, out of Fallon Nv, package is perfect for you. It is a 9 ft 4 section 5 wt rod with a MMH reel pre-loaded with backing, a floating line, and leader. This is all contained in a hard  rod and reel tube case. This package is ready to fish.

Raffle tickets are $1 each sold in packets of 5. Spend $20 bucks and get 25 tickets. Please indicate to which prize your tickets should be applied. Ticket sale purchases must be made by noon of the day of the monthly meeting (February 3rd, 2021). NEED NOT BE PRESENT AT THE ZOOM MEETING TO WIN. Click on the following link to purchase tickets.