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by Elaine---fly tying chairman

Using Poppers on the surface for bass is a kick and a half, but sometimes they won’t come up and you half to go down and dirty. Here is a great way to get their attention. This fly will automatically turn upside down when fishing, which is what the picture on the right demonstrates. Directions are for an orange fly. Other color options: white, purple, black, crawfish, green.

Hook: TFS 5444 or AREX TP650, size 2

Thread: white flat waxed nylon or Danvile 140 denier

Eyes: orange, Hairline, double purple lead eyes, size med.

Tail: black/orange over tan, tiger barred rabbit strip,

Body: orange Estas chenille, size med.

Legs: orange and black Crazy Legs, or similar

Glue: Zap-A-Gap, Super Glue, or similar

Sharpie Permanent Marker (optional) , orange

1. Crimp barb.

2. Attach thread slightly down nose. Touching wraps to 1/4 in. back on shank.

3. Attach eyes on top of shank just behind bend of nose. Use figure 8 wraps, then  circular wraps pulled snugly. Repeat several times. Wrap thread to above barb. Apply glue to eye thread wraps.

4. Cut rabbit strip 1 and 1/4 inch long. Note: devide hair fibers before cutting. With nap of hairs to rear and hide upward, attach about 1/4 inch to top of shank.

5. Tie in chenille at rear of shank. Wrap forward with touching wraps while stroking fibers back with each wrap. Last wrap snugly up against rear of eyes. Tie off, but don’t cut. Make one half hitch. Turn hook upside down.

6. Using one 6 inch strand of rubber legs, cut in half. Stack. Tie in center of both with 2 wraps. Fold forward legs to  rear. Snugly tie in place so that 2 legs extend outward on each side.

7. Advance thread to infront of eyes. Wrap chenille once over legs, then between eyes. Tie off, cut excess. Trim whiskers, then tie stubs down to hide. Whip finish. Cut thread. (Optional) using Sharpie, color thread to match body. Apply glue.