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Quigley Cripple PMD

by Elaine Cook---Fly Tying Chairman

Understanding how to fish this fly is important. The rear end of the fly needs to hang down in the water and the thorax and wing out of the water. Accomplish this by applying  saliva to the body and tail, then floatent to wing and hackle. During a hatch fish tend to be more eager to take an emerger than a dun because they are not ready to fly off.

Hook: TMC 100, size 16-18

Thread: yellow 8/0 but 12/0 or 14/0 are preferred (Note: Rather than purchasing multiple colors of very fine thread, get one spool of white and use a Sharpie pens to make various colors.)

Tail and Body: Brown marabou (fluffy)

Thorax: Pale yellow dubbing

Wing: Deer hair with light color and narrow fibers

Hackle: Ginger neck or saddle

1. Crimp Barb.

2. Attach thread one eye length behind eye. Touching wraps to rear of shank.

3. Cut 3-5 marabou barbs from stem. With tips extending hook length length to rear, make 2 thread wraps forward, then fold marabou backward and make 2 thread wraps backward.

4. Make thread loop. Hold loop and stem end of marabou together, and wrap thread 2/3 forward on shank.

5. Twist loop and marabou into rope, then wrap up to hanging thread with touching wraps. Tie off,cut excess.

6. Dub a round thorax that covers  shank from 1/4 to 1/2 back from eye.

7. Cut a small bundal of deer hair from close to hide. Clean out under fur. Stack tips. Lay on top of shank, tips out over eye so that they measure a shank length from thorax. Tie in place by making first wrap around only hair fibers then second wrap around both fibers and hook shank. Make several snug wraps on top of one another. Then one around base of wing to bundal it, then one more around shank. Cut butt ends so they just cover thorax. Apply very sm. amount glue to thread wraps.

8. Select hackle, barbs 1 1/2 hook gap. Cut off fuzzy end. Cut 5-6 barbs short on each side of the base of stem forming a “crew cut”.  With feather tip to rear and dark side facing you, tie in crew cut between wing and cut deer hair butts. Make 3-5 hackle wraps around shank. Tie off cut excess.

9. Tie off with half hitches behind eye. Cut thread, apply small amount glue to half hitches.