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Invitation for new members to try Striper fishing

by Scott Kitayama

Last year was the first time I ever caught a Striper on a fly and the first time I ever fished the O’Neill Forebay.   I didn’t know many people in the club, tried fishing the Forebay on my own and wasn’t very successful.   One reason I joined the club’s board was to selfishly meet people who would teach me how to fish the Forebay and other places.  It worked.  Now I would like to help other club members who would like to Striper fish this fall.

Over 30 new members have joined in the past year and if a new member (or old member) wants to try and fish the O’Neill Forebay during October 7-10 or November 4-7  fishout, send an email at     For those busy with family and work, a half-day will still be a good experience.  Send me a note even if you don’t have a float tube or heavy rod and I’ll try and help you find equipment and someone experienced to fish with you.

Oh and by the way, you can always learn to fish by calling Tom to join the board, that works too.  😉