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ForeBay FishOut results

Good old campsite #29 was available again, the palapa posts 10′ apart and the new wind screen tarp cut to 8′ X 10′ was a bear to put up in strong winds and thankfully, our VP Kevin Murdock was already there with a site and his boat and tent trailer and helped lash together enough wind break that everything does not blow off the picnic table and you are chasing it across the field.

Two days of white caps and and flapping plastic day and night, our vehicles rocking through the night was like sleeping in the sailboat. I have to thank the 3 brave fishermen/campers who came on Thursday and sat it out, always ready for the wind to stop howling. Kevin arrived first and Jim Hall and Michael DiCiano in his Airstream land yacht. Jim’s dome tent bent in the wind like those blown air wind sock stick men you see to attract customers. Kevin had an extra bed and his dog ‘Cooper’ had someone new to flop on that night.

Huge thanks to all Lucky 13 of us and especially if you brought some firewood as my portable fire tub kept us all warm as we circled the fire and told stories and laughed through the night.  Steven Rawson came to camp only and he brought his Dutch oven and from scratch made a cherry pie cooking with charcoal and timing it perfectly with ice cream to top off his fish taco’s as the main course our last night there.

Fishing was spotty at best Saturday and Sunday’s report just in has Michael landing 8 and Sam 1 fish. Other fishermen (no women this year for the first time).  Jeff ‘Yog’ Goyert, Jim Hall, Jeff Zischke.  John ‘Davis’, (Cuban cigar guy), Scott Kitayama, Jerry, Phillip, and Mike White who came up Friday night in his motorhome and when he opened the door the smell of good food was strong. He graciously roasted a monster amount of lamb perfectly and with baked potatoes and corn the 7 of us feasted at that windy campsite. Libation and conversations galore.  Thank you all for bringing your game to one of the ‘ugliest’ campsites I ever stayed for so long. Too bad the fishing/catching wasn’t on fire in our part of the lake.

Remember that we do this again the first Thursday next month. Let me know your intentions before then.  Peace, Stosh