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Protecting and Enhancing Wild Steelhead Populations with Tim Frahm

Sep 07 6:30 PM Aptos Grange (in-person) and Zoom (online)

Tim Frahm, Trout Unlimited’s Central Coast Steelhead Coordinator, will be speaking with the club about the conservation of wild Steelhead on California’s Central Coast.  He will be discussing ongoing efforts to preserve and enhance wild steelhead populations on the Central Coast such as eliminating fish barriers, improvement of summer flows, and floodplain restoration.

These projects require massive effort in locating, designing, permitting, funding, and finally construction.  The price around such restoration often ranges in the millions.  Please join September’s meeting to learn about the past, present, and future efforts to give wild steelhead a fighting chance in their historical, native watersheds on the Central Coast.