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Women-focused Flyfishing, Travel and Finatical Flyfishing

Finatical Flyfishing was created for women by women who have traveled and fished in Chile, Alaska, the Bahamas, Mexico, Cuba, the Seychelles, Belize, Christmas Island, Hawaii and throughout the continental United States. Our trips are built around knowledgeable, skilled, high quality guide operations and amazing locations; giving you the best trip for your precious days on the water

Most of us would probably agree that flyfishing adds a great deal to our lives. Travel and the communities flyfishing brings to us, strengthen our flyfishing skills and often other parts of our lives as well. Join us as we talk about the Henry’s Fork,  international destinations and the trips offered by Finatical Flyfishing.


Stephanie Albano spent the bulk of her career at CARQUEST Auto Parts  She held positions in national marketing, as Director of Distribution Center Operations and as a Financial Analyst. A mentor in Denver encouraged her to start Hatched Concepts which offers consulting and small business services. She launched Finatical Flyfishing in May of 2021.

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August B-B-Q / Swap Meet

by By Vice President Kevin Murdock

We have found an incredible venue for our annual B-B-q/Swap Meet this year! The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Posse House is a beautiful property on the bank of the San Lorenzo River. There’s an outdoor picnic area, a pasture where we can demo or practice our casting, a beautiful indoor area with tables for our swap meet, a built-in grilling pit, and a horseshoe pit. (There’s also a fire pit but we will abstain for now). The club will supply burgers, dogs, sides, and soft drinks. We’ll have club swag for sale. You can bring your family & friends, but please RSVP  in form below or email to  so we know how much food to provide.  You may responsibly bring adult beverages, as well as any rods you might want to try out or tackle you want to swap or trade. No leaving unclaimed gear behind. Please, no pets.

The Address is 2127 Ocean Street Extension. To access, take the Ocean Street Extension past the cemetery, past the crematorium, about a quarter-mile down on the left. Use the second driveway entrance. Please drive slow and be respectful of the neighbors and this beautiful historic property.

5:00 pm:  Casting practice,  swap meet display

6:30 pm:  BBQ Dinner

Cost:  $0.00

The Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Posse Grounds

This will be our first opportunity in what seems like forever to meet and greet in person. Please, if you are un-vaxed, wear a mask for your own protection.

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Our first in-person meeting: August BBQ!

by By Vice President Kevin Murdock

In the pre-COVID days, our July meetings were typically the lightest attended of the year. Our membership clearly wanted to be on the road over the 4th of July holiday. Accordingly, we would hang a ‘gone fishing’ sign on our monthly general meeting. That’s what we’re doing this July. Enjoy the holiday, go fishing. We’ll reconvene with a special meeting in August.  For our August meeting, we’ll get together at a new location for our annual summer  B-B-Q. This year, we’ll meet at 6:30 pm at the Sheriff’s Posse House on the Ocean St extension in Santa Cruz. It’s located about a half mile beyond the cemetery. Ample parking and outdoor seating come with the venue.  The club will host a burger and hot-dog cookout with all the fixings.    We’ll also hold a fishing swap-meet/flea market. Bring your gently or un-used gear to the meeting for cash or trade.   There is also a perfect field for casting demonstrations and competitions. Bring your favorite rod and cast for prizes.

The Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Posse Grounds

This will be our first opportunity in what seems like forever to meet and greet in person. Please, if you are un-vaxed, wear a mask for your own protection.

Date:  June 2, 2021

Time:  6:30 pm

Place:  Zoom

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Fly Fishing Photography with Brian OKeefe

The Fly Fishing Photography presentation will not get bogged down in technology and fancy camera speak. Instead, I will offer mostly tips and suggestions. I’ll show many ways to get good/better/best photos, and much of my lecture will be through the lens of our smart/iPhones, as well. Besides photography tips: scenery/action/macro/underwater/etc, I’ll talk about handling fish and our responsibility to not over-do it. There are a lot of fun fish and fishing photos that we will discuss and some down right horrible photos that are part of the do’s and don’ts chapter. A lot of my photography tips will apply to your everyday fishing, but will also help with general friends/family/pets/food/Instagram/Facebook photography.

Bio: Brian OKeefe has balanced a lifetime of fly fishing, near and far, with work in almost every niche in the sport: fly shops, trout and steelhead guide, fly tackle rep, writer/photographer, online magazine owner, fly club speaker and currently with, an international fly fishing lodge/mothership outfitter. Lives in Nyssa, Oregon.

BONUS TALK: Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon (in the salt): After a dozen or so trips to British Columbia and Alaska to specifically fly fish for silvers and kings in the salt, I have put together a presentation on the when/where/how, of this endeavor. I’ll show some really nice salmon, and the ways to go about catching them: motherships, DIY, local day guides, etc. Plus tackle, timing and techniques. Great fishing, scenery, wildlife and food.

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In Remembrance of Jon Baiocchi

Our May speaker was again for the third time in more than a few years, going to be Jon Baiocchi, talking to us about the Skwala (stone fly) hatches and fishing on the beautiful Yuba River, Jon’s home river where he has been guiding nearly every day, all day, for years. 

If you were Jon’s friend, or new him from Facebook and Instagram, every photo is a smile a mile wide, and not just from Jon’, but the hundreds of men, women and children in his photos.

I knew Jon’s dad, Bob Baiocchi, when I was working so hard to change the regulations for the entire state of California when it came to fishing for Steelhead and Coho.   We are responsible for the emergency changes that took place, after three years of work, in 1998, and which are part of every Steelhead and Coho river/creek in California today.    Jon was just a few years younger than me.   He was a free-spirited guy who started out as an amazing shred expert on a skateboard and snowboard.   He was also super proficient on a moto-cross bike.    Everyone that knows Jon says the same thing about his energy, friendship, smile, dedication, …

I didn’t meet Jon until I came back to the club in ’17.   His dad had passed away and I was sorry I didn’t know that.   But we became friends and I got him to the club to speak his second time, and then I found excuses to have him back every year.   

Jon and I were communicating on Wednesday night while we were having our board meeting.  I was excited to be seeing him for the club meeting and looking forward to fishing with him after he got back home.  

Thursday, Jon went to work on his favorite river and had two friends with him.   They were on the warm, sunny, rocky bank of the river, starting to fish.   It’s reported he mentioned he had a pain in his neck, then his arm hurt, then he fell and was gone.   

Selfishly, I am missing a true hero of our rivers and steward of our rivers and those who get to learn from his infectious enthusiasm.   I can’t believe I was just talking to him the night before and how excited he was to be with us, and then the chance to fish together.  Weather and fishing had been so epic for Jon and his clients during Covid.   He had a new truck, new friends, and business was so very good.   He was only 56.   

This is why I challenged you to join our club- if you’re also reading this and you’re not a member.   Life is too short and can be taken from us at any moment.   

If you’re reading this, please join us on Wednesday May 6th, at 6:30 p.m.   We are going to hang out together, check in with each other, maybe make sure we’re all where we need to be right now,  remember Jon, and figure out where to go from there.   I will suggest we take Jon’s fee and maybe something more to contribute to a cause in his name.   

Even if you don’t stay  – come say hello. 

Date:  4/7/2021

Time:  6:30 pm

Place:  Zoom

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The Rogue River & the Impressions Left Behind

Humble Heron Fly Fishing is a fly fishing outfit out of Grants Pass Oregon. Owners James and Kait (Bailey) Sampsel started their operations the fall of 2016 but have guided rivers all over the west and Central America collectively for the better part of 24 years.
Their focus is on the zen of the swung fly to illusive steelhead. They passionately guide guests on many of Southern Oregon’s premier rivers and consider the Rogue River their bread and butter.
The focus of the presentation will be on steelhead using swung fly presentations. Flies, lines, tips, tactics, experiences, and imagery. We will be covering the entire Rogue River from source to mouth including the trout fishery. And finally, images of James’ art from time spent with their guests on the water.

Date:  3/3/2021

Time:  6:30PM

Place:  Zoom Meeting

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Spring Steelhead Fishing in Southeast Alaska

by Camille Padilla

Spring steelhead fishing on Alaska’s outer coastal rivers is a unique challenge. Cameo and Brooks will go through the geography and ecology of river systems in the region, a little steelhead biology, flies and fishing techniques. We will share what we’ve picked up on our local rivers and fishing tips from us and our local fly fishing community.

Want to prep for the presentation with some fly tying? Here are two great steelhead flies and tutorials from the SE Alaska Fly Fishing Company:

About the speakers:

Cameo Padilla and Brooks Areson own and operate the Equinox, a 53-foot charter yacht based out of Sitka, Alaska in the heart of the Tongass National Forest. Each year, they host small groups on custom 5-day expeditions to explore the outer coast and Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska guiding fresh and saltwater fishing excursions, as well as other outdoor pursuits. The rest of the year you can find them out on the water or in the mountains fishing, hiking, hunting, diving, skiing and generally exploring the wilds of Southeast Alaska.

Check them out on their website, YouTube or Instagram

Date:  February 3rd, 2021

Time:  6:30 PM

Place:  Zoom Meeting

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Successfully Fishing Pyramid Lake

by Jim Black, speaker

Our February Wednesday 3rd Speaker will be Joe Contaldi, who guides on Lake Pyramid until May 1st. Then moves to Mammoth Lakes. His presentation will include the techniques and methods for successfully fishing at Pyramid. Corporate and Angling Club outings as well as current fishing success. Of interest for SCFF might be a Club Outing for 10 Anglers or more, Fly fishing for giant Cutthroat. Bring your group together and enjoy a day(s) on the lake. Contaldi can arrange customized trips for everyone, regardless of angling experience. From lessons, to classes, to half, full, and multiple day we can help make your group outing enjoyable, safe, and memorable. As you will see in his presentation, he offers Ladder Chairs for each Fisherman for comfort and to allow more fishing time. These are customized trips and we tailor each trip to your liking. *Rods, reels, lines, leaders, and custom tied flies are provided cold water and non-alcoholic beverages are provided *Catered lunches are provided on applicable trips *Outings are for up to 16 people – if your party has more than 16, please contact to discuss

In our upcoming Zoom meeting, Joe Contaldi will discuss different techniques and methods for catching Cutthroat Trout, including proper equipment, fly selection and the use of his Ladder Chair to provide some relief from the cold water and maximize your fishing time.

Additionally, he will provide a current fishing report.

Date:  12/2/2020

Time:  7:00 pm

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Bass fishing Clear Lake, using the Float and Fly technique

by Program Coordinator: Jim Black

Ryan Williams is going to join us again.  This time he will be discussing Clear Lake and more about his Float and Fly technique.

After Ryan’s earlier presentation in August about Lake Oroville, Sam Bishop and his friend fished with Ryan after the presentation to the Club. Sam enjoyed fishing with Ryan and suggested we have him do another Zoom Presentation.

Ryan’s expertise covers major Rivers and Lakes, among which are the Lower Sac, Clear Lake, Lake Oroville, and most fish in which we will are interested: Smallmouth and Black Bass, Stripers, Trout, and Steelhead. He will be presenting Bass fishing Clear Lake, using his Float and Fly technique

I’ve included his web address above as before and suggest you visit his website. I did in August and found it informative, interesting and fun, all set to music!


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November Speaker and Raffle provided by The Fly Shop

by Jim Black

Date: November 4, 2020 Zoom Presentation
Time: 7pm
Place: Zoom- click here to join:

Chris King was introduced to fly fishing at a young age. During his high school years in New Jersey he traveled the eastern seaboard in search of trout with his father. He spent 8 years in Colorado where he turned his passion into a career. From there he made his way West where in 1998 he found a home at The Fly Shop. Chris is currently Master Certified, Two Hand Certified and an emeritus member of the organization’s Casting Board of Governs. Chris resides in Redding with his wife and two children and has been guiding and teaching casting in Northern California for over 20 years.

Date:  October 7, 2020 Zoom Presentation

Time:  7PM

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Andrew Harris, Confluence Outfitters

by Jim Black

Andrew Harris has been guiding in northern California since 1997.  He lives in Red Bluff, California with his wife Katie and daughters Mackenzie and Madison.  In 2007 Andrew created Confluence Outfitters with help from partners Gino Bernero and Jon Hazlett. Andrew puts the “Outfitter” in Confluence Outfitters, as he is the one who answers the phones and emails. Andrew can help you select the right guide, destination, and time of year for your next fly fishing trip. Andrew is a USCG-licensed Captain, is a regular on the fly-club speaker circuit, has written countless articles for California Fly Fisher and other magazines, and is the author of the Plumas National Forest Fishing Guide, a fly fishing guidebook to the Feather River Country.

Date:  September 2, 2020

Time:  6:30PM

Place:  Zoom Presentation

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Fishing California Valley Rivers with Gray Lance

by Jim Black

Click here to join the Zoom Monthly Meeting:

Lance’s presentation comes at an opportune time. In a couple of months, it will be prime time – late September thru November – on these Northern California rivers. “Fishing Valley Rivers” is his newest presentation and will cover the Feather, Lower Sacramento and Yuba rivers, highlighting the what, when and how to fish these Northern California valley rivers, which offer some of the best trout and steelhead fishing throughout the year. Fall and Spring being the best times to target these rivers. Lance spend innumerable hours guiding and fishing all three rivers and during his presentation will offer insight into what he does every day on them, including flies, equipment and rigging.

Lance will join us on Zoom to share the knowledge he’s gained since age 17, when he went to work at Powell’s in Chico, in the fly shop and building rods. He guided for Powell’s, led fly-tying and fly-fishing schools, and traveled.

During 2003, Lance and Kirsten Gray launched Lance Gray & Co., a full-service outfitter offering guided trips, fly-fishing schools, workshops and a travel agency. His guide service covers Lake Almanor, Manzanita Lake, and the Yuba, Lower Sac and Feather rivers. Lance is a signature tier for Aqua Flies, pro staff member for Sage and Rio and is a featured writer, with articles published in Angling Trade Magazine, California Fly Fisher, Fly Fishermen, Sierra Fisherman and Northwest Fly Fishing.

Lance and Kirsten together have more than a combined 50 years of experience in fly fishing. Lance started fly fishing with his father and brother Lincoln at age 7. In his teens, he began tying flies commercially for shops all around Northern California. During 1993, Lance and Kirsten started Saltwater Innovations, a manufacturer and distributor products for saltwater fly fishing. Lance’s Crystal Popper, Gray’s Billfish Fly, the KO Charlie line and the Raghead Crabs are all Saltwater Innovations products. Kirsten worked behind the scenes, handling day-to-day operations and running the manufacturing floor.

Date:  August 5, 2020

Time:  6:30

Place:  Online via Zoom- click here to join:

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Oroville Bass Fishing, by Ryan Williams

by Jim Black, Programs

Ryan is a full time guide & fly tier, centered in Oroville. With 9 years of guiding experience, he now focuses on the Feather and Sac rivers for trout, steelhead, and stripers. Lake Oroville and Berryessa for Bass, and Clear Lake for both bass and crappie. Ryan is best known for his re-discovering of the Float n’ Fly with the fly rod, and it’s application for stillwater bass during the Winter. Ryan is also the first fly fishing guide to figure out Clear Lake. He’s also been a major proponent of top-water fly fishing on CA’s public reservoirs. Ryan is also the current Costa Bass n’ Fly Champion along with Brian Pultz.

Ryan now resides right next to Lake Oroville, allowing him to fish as much as he can possibly stand. He is about as passionate about fly fishing as they come, and truly enjoys sharing his information.

Ryan Williams Contact Info:

Home: (530) 353-3258

Cell: (707) 365-9891

Instagram: @_ryancwilliams

Youtube: R.W. Fly Videos

Date:  June 3, 2020

Time:  6:30

Place:  Zoom Presentation (Link to Invite in the Newsletter email)

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Fly Fishing for Surf Perch and Striper

by Jim Black, Program Director

Fly Fishing the Surf by George Revel
Interested in chasing fishing the local waterways in our local bays and surf? George Revel will give a high-level overview of fishing our coastlines for stripers and surf perch.

Topic: Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen Club Meeting – June 3
Time: Jun 3, 2020 06:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Date:  May 6, 2020

Time:  7PM

Place:  Online via Zoom!

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May Monthly Speaker Presentation

by Jim Black, Programs Director

Our May 6 presentation will be from Jim Cox of Western Rivers Conservancy. Jim has more than 25 years experience working professionally in the nonprofit sector. Jim is a past steering committee co-chair of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, and is an active member of the Northwest Planned Giving Roundtable. In his free time, you can find him fly fishing and hiking along the outstanding rivers of the West. Western River’s commitment to protecting our great western streams is guided by a lifelong passion for rivers and the great outdoors. They have purchased and protected more than 100,000 acres along dozens of rivers throughout the West, including among others, the Klamath, John Day, Gunnison, Madison, Skagit and Salmon.

Watch the video for more info about the Western Rivers Conservancy.:

Date:  April 1, 2020

Time:  Any time you want

Place:  YouTube!

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“Van Life” – Epic Montana Fly Fishing Adventure “Journey On”

by Aimee and Chase Bartee

Hello my fellow big stick fly line, fly tying, fly flippin enthusiasts.  For what is probably the first time in the 43 year history of the SCFF, we have had to cancel our April meeting due to the Coronavirus pandemic forcing us to shelter-in place and wait out the storm.

I found this beautiful adventure of two people heading across the country to spend a summer fly-fishing in Montana.  The photos and video are spectacular and include fish, fur and feather.   No this is not the typical adventure that John and Elaine Cook do every summer, but it could very well be, or be you – or me – next!!  I invite you to turn on your TV, grab some popcorn and a refreshment – say “youtube” and settle into your most comfortable place and enjoy this nearly 1 hour escape.

You can also visit

Wishing all of you good health and looking forward to gathering again soon.

Date:  Wednesday, March 4

Time:  Open - 6:45 pm; Meeting 7:00pm

Place:  Aptos Grange, 2555 Mar Vista Dr., Aptos

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Five Best Reasons to Fly Fish Montana
with Guest Speaker Ed Lawrence

by Jim Black, Programs Director

Our speaker this month will be Montana outfitter, Ed Lawrence. If you have ever thought you would like to plan a fishing trip into Montana, Ed Lawrence, should be your go-to planner. He will help you with your choice of rivers if you wish.

A number of SCFF members have planned fishing trips with Ed. I and a long-time friend of mine traveled to Montana last year with a goal of fishing four or five rivers in five or six days. We wanted to fish the Yellowstone, The Madison, the Jefferson and the Missouri before discussing our choices with Ed. Our final plan with Ed’s suggestions, was to fish the Missouri twice in different places, including a third day fishing The Land of Giants, and along with the Madison and the Yellowstone.

It was a great organized, efficient trip. We met our guides in the morning, fished all day, drove to the next river that night, had dinners on our own after fishing, then spent our nights in Holiday Express Hotels, all arranged by Ed. We then met our guides the next morning at our front lobby door and went fish-ing. So, after that, we flew into Bozeman on Sunday, started fishing Monday on the Madison and were able to fish five days in a row. We returned back to Bozeman in the evening of the last day and flew home the next day, actually seven days all together, making it a very enjoyable trip, which I plan to do this year and next and next and next.

I would be happy to discuss our Montana with anyone who is interested, and Ed’s program will entice you even more to find out what the five best reasons are to fly fish Montana!