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Pyramid beetle -White over chartreuse

by Elaine Cook – fly time chairman

Pyramid lake has a particular beetle with these colors that goes to the bottom of the lake then ascends to the surface to take a breath. Then repeat this process over and over. Because this fly is made of foam and is used on a sinking line, when you strip it descends and when you pause it starts to rise up, which imitates the actual beetle. This is a simple fly to tie and if you’re going to Pyramid you must have one in your box.  NOTE:  Photo colors are not true, use color descriptions in instructions.

Hook: TMC 2457 size 6.
Thread: white 3/0 monochord or equivalent.
Overbody: white close cell foam, 2 mm thick.
Underbody: cactus chartreuse chenille.

1. Crimp barb.
2. Attach thread behind eye, wrap to above barb with touching wraps.
3. Cut foam in shape shown in diagram.
4. Wrap thread forward and touching wraps to two eye lengths behind eye.
5. Place tapered end of foam on top of shank positioning point toward the front where the thread hangs.
6. Wrap foam snuggly to top of shank back to above barb, then thread wraps forward to two eye lengths behind eye.
7. Tie in chenille. Wrap backward, each wrap against the last until above barb. Then forward in same manner to hanging thread. Tie off, cut access.
8. Pull foam forward till snugly against top of chenille. Make several snug thread wraps.
9. Whip finish under foam and behind hook eye. Cut thread.
10. Cut off excess foam, leaving 1/4 inch in front of thread wraps.
11. Apply Zap-A-Gap or similar glue to thread wraps.